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Analyse the Techniques used by Hitchcock to Create and maintain Suspense in his film

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Analyse the Techniques used by Hitchcock To Create and Maintain Suspense In his film "Psycho" This essay will look at how Alfred Hitchcock created and maintained suspense in his 1960 motion picture "Psycho". The film Psycho was originally a book wrote by Robert Bloch, which was based on real life killings. Psycho was Hitchcock's forty-seventh film. This shows that Hitchcock was already an experienced film director. Psycho was an immediate Box-office success, and obtained the slogan "The film you must see from the start". This is because one of the main characters is killed early on in the film. Hitchcock's directing carer started in 1922. By 1959 he was one of Hollywood's best-known personalities. These factors contribute to the suspense and tension in Hitchcock's film Psycho. Irony whether verbal or visual plays an important role in the film Psycho, it also comes around quite frequently. ...read more.


Well she gets to a motel to be safe yet she dies in this motel. A different case of verbal irony is when Marion is buying a new car and the car salesman says, "The first customer is always the most trouble", and he is right. Marion dies in the car he has sold her so the police may question him. The final case of verbal irony that I will talk about is when Marion is talking to Sam in the hotel and says "Checking out time in these kinds of hotels is 3:30, and when your time is up..." when your time is up is a phrase talking about when your life ends, when your dead. The irony increases the suspense by giving lots of little clues about what is going to happen on latter in the film. The most famous scene in "Psycho" is defiantly the "shower scene". ...read more.


Repetition and motifs were used quite frequently in the film. One of the main ones was how mirrors were used. The mirrors were used a lot in the film. Some people may say that the mirrors were used to show deceit. The say they show deceit because the people could be doing stuff behind the other peoples back but they would not know but we would because we could see it in the mirror. Another motif that was used a lot was the one of the claw. The claws of the birds or the shot of Marion's hand clawing down the wall could show us that because the film had a lot of killing in, it was a sign of the devil. All in all the film was successful in obtaining and maintaining suspense because of all the previous points mentioned. The one thing that I believe created the most suspense and tension is the point of irony. Andy Brunning 10I ...read more.

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