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Analyze an organization's media communication activities: P&O Cruises

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The Interactive Media Report: "Media communication Activities of P&O Cruises" www.pocruises.com Objective: The objective of this project is to analyze an organization's media communication activities. The work must use concepts, models, and theories to support and critical the company's website. It should be critically assess + evaluate and use strategy to analyze. The author should review it as a marketing professional specialist and knows how, when, and where the organization use digital media to communicate with its audience, customer, stakeholder, and public. Executive Summary: P&O Cruises uses a maturity website to distribute and communicate (Fill, 2002). It is a fabulous website that uses a lot of tools from personal communications (PCs) to support their offline marketing (Hartley, 1999). Once customers surf its website, they could get information they need easily. The website becomes a distributed channel for the business. It is in the highest level of scenario 4 (Doren, 2000). Information on website is variety and useful that helps offline media and lures more customers to join the P&O Cruises with rational exchange (Fill, 2002). P&O Cruises - Background P&O Cruises is one of the cruises belonging to Carnival Corporation & PLC. There are 13 distinct brands of cruises all over the world are operating by Carnival Corporation & PLC; P&O is one of them. P&O is not as same as its name belongs to the P&O group (Peninsula and Oriental steam Navigation Company); for it was demerged into Carnival public limited company on 23 October 2000, and has changed its name to Carnival Public limited company on 17 April 2003. P&O Cruises now is the largest premium cruise brand in the United Kingdom. ...read more.


It uses e-mail (member confirm) and through post-mail (brochure sending) to directly send the information to customers. * Place P&O Cruises, the Britain's leading cruise operator, customer aboard its shipping at Southampton, UK or fly on a scheduled or P&O Cruises' charter flight to any of its 25 destinations all over the world. All ships cruise Europe in the summer, and in winter Aurora and Adonia embark on round the world cruises while Oceana and Oriana tour the Caribbean. Places are stabile in different places by annual schedules; depended on where customers plan to go abroad. The headquarters is in Southampton, but usually people usually book tickets at agencies instead of heading for P&O Cruises' office. If people who would like to book tickets online, they could go to www.pocruises.com or through links on any ABTA agents to buy tickets. Agents are viewed as the P&O Cruises' retailers. This method helps P&O Cruises reach its sale targets by selling tickets to many other segments in different areas and places. The channel of its distribution is producer --> retailers--> consumers (Blythe, 1998). * Price P&O Cruises sets its price at the moment when customers buy tickets. The company uses different brochures to attract customer to join its cruises business. Customers could save as much as money if they book earlier according to the timetable set up by P&O Cruises. Customers could save up to 5%~45% discounts for early booking, depending on availability, and its reward for those who book early. P&O Cruises named it as "pricebreakers". Besides, price differs from different cabin type and grade that customers choose. ...read more.


When submission has done, P&O Cruises would send an auto-respond e-mail to confirm the user's name and password. If someone who has register, he could sigh in as his/her homepage and with his preference cruises information in. Conclusions: The twenty-first century market-place will be dominated by interactivity brought about by IT which will drive electronic commerce. Now, we are moving from a market-place dominated by the marketer to one dominated by the consumers. (Schultz, 1998) it's the age of "the end of the beginning" (Strauss, 2001). P&O Cruises owns a well-built website which is customer oriented and interactivity. Gardner et al. (1999) found that more and more people tend to shop on-line if human interaction is possible. P&O Cruises is the one whose customers not only could buy tickets through websites, but also its system and creation of links help the company get free advertising from other websites and sell its P&O Cruises tickets. It's marvelous for the website comprises various communication tools and targeted to its customers. Although the website is functional and interactive to visitors, it should broaden its website by strengthening the design of consistency and user-friendly. At last, it's not simple for consumers to differentiate that P&O Cruises is not belonging to Peninsula and Oriental steam Navigation Company. Even though it was demerged into Carnival public limited company, the actual product of it is not clear. P&O Cruises should not just concern about its brand, but needs to be clarified to the public. P&O Cruises is entering the mass market (Kotler, 2002). It makes the company not just "cruises" business (sea business), it's a business which including "navigation" in the air. P&O Cruise has created a maturity website to promote itself successful, and it helps them sailing into a new journey. ...read more.

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