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Assess the impact of new technologies on the music industry - Discuss the significance and implications of the developments.

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Assess the impact of new technologies on the music industry. Discuss the significance and implications of the developments. During the last ten years the development of new technologies has impacted dramatically on the music industry both negatively and positively causing dips in sales figures, which equals loss of profits, but also more freedom for audiences in the way they organise/listen to their music creating obstacles and opportunities for the BPI (British Phonographic industry) and the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America). These developments include, digital signalling for television and radio, the Internet and new types of audio players and recorders. Although the last ten years has seen most of the rapid impact of new technologies on the music industry it has been happening since the 1970's when cassette tapes were invented to replace records and it was said that people will no longer buy records as they can record songs from the radio for free but it was also said that this encourages active audience intake of music as people can record from records and customize their own albums. ...read more.


For example, Xfm is an alternative radio station which plays rock and indie music. It targets a specific audience and appeals only to people with that particular preference of music. Radio airplay usually reflects the chart success of a song and nowadays songs tend to appear on playlists up to a month before their release date, this is because the more audiences hear a song the more they familiarize themselves with it and are more likey to buy the song when it is released in the shops. The Internet is a major development of the last ten years and has had a huge impact on the music industry. Through the Internet you can receive radio stations from all over the world this encourages people to listen to a wider range of music and to buy it from the Internet, as this is the only place they may be able to buy it from, encouraging active audience intake. The last ten years has seen a definite decrease in chart music single sales. This has caused record companies to loose money, therefore take less risks when investing in new artists, causing them to sign more artists with a sound that they know sells, ultimately causing music in the charts to become homogenised and for consumers to become bored with charts. ...read more.


This was ineffective as one was shut down, three more started up. There are both good and bad arguments for the downloading of MP3s. The bad argument is that it deprives artists of royalties, therefore artists do not earn any money and stop making music. If record company's loose profits they will take less risks and music will become predictable and formulaic with less choice for consumers. The good argument is that MP3 allows people access to music at little or no cost. Why should people buy music when they can download it for free? Not all Mp3 downloading is illegal some artists record directly to MP3 format, e.g. David Bowie, Beastie Boys. Is it stealing to download something that someone is freely uploading? The RIAA claim that soon everyone who downloads music will be searched out for prosecution. But can they really do this to millions of people? New technologies have a significant affect on the music industry from the negative loss of profits due to MP3 downloading to the positive promotion of artists on music television. This has been happening since the 1970's and will continue to happen as more and more new technologies are developed. Claire Anderson Media - Mr Isaacs 8.07.03 ...read more.

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