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Both of these texts are about the new Tim Burton movie Planet of the Apes and are written by two extremely opinionated women reviewing their personal opinions of the movie.

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Both of these texts are about the new Tim Burton movie Planet of the Apes and are written by two extremely opinionated women reviewing their personal opinions of the movie. Text A and Text B both use puns concerning Monkeys. For example in Text A the title 'Gorilla Warfare' is a pun on the actual phrase 'Guerrilla Warfare' and in text B they say the movie is 'more monkey business than show business'. This can add an element of humour to the arguments and make them seem less formal. Text A uses quotes from film critics such as ' the best event movie ever' and 'five star fun!' as well as real statistics telling us it earned 'an amazing five million dollars in its first weekend on release'. These statistics give us an idea of just how many people fell in love with this movie, while Text B refers to it as a 'Box Office flop' and tells us of how bored she was while watching the movie. ...read more.


Text A asks 46 year old Michael Henry and 12 year old Gavin woods whereas Text B only asks her daughter, for whom she gives no name or age, except to say she is a 'teenager'. In this I think that Text A gives a more plausible opinion as it has a more personal approach to the text and this makes us feel that other real people out there have loved this movie as much as the writer has. When talking about actually going to the movie, both texts make us feel the comments are aimed at us personally. In Text A it says the movie 'should appeal to anyone with a taste for adventure', which implies that if you don't go to see this movie, you lack a taste for adventure. Text B uses a different, but equally effective approach by quoting that 'Monkeys and movies just do not mix-any sensible cinema-goers will agree with me'. ...read more.


The use of the word 'pretends' instead of 'acts' shows us that she is trying to put across the point that he was not a particularly good actor either and the reference to the story line makes the movie sound very dull. The use of puns such as 'Come on, Mr. Burton, what planet are you on?' add a comical feel to the piece, rather than just a slanderous one. Text A, however, felt that the Oscar the movie won was 'Well deserved' and also makes references to the actors, but this time describing them as 'legendary'. This makes us think that the movie must have excellent quality acting if such famous people are starring in it and when describing the movie itself, the first make of the movie is described as 'a classic' which tells us that this movie is going to be even better than the last one, especially when the re-make is described as 'lavish'. ...read more.

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