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clue film review

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Clue Review We've all heard of the classic board game "Cluedo", well it's not just a delightful game anymore. The popular game is transformed into life in this mystery/comedy movie. The colourful characters are given breath and together try to discover who killed Mr.Boddy, in what room of the mansion, and with what weapon. This fast moving parody is directed by Jonathan Lyn and is a must watch for all teens! Our crazy set of characters is invited to a mystifying party at a mansion where they rapidly discover that they are all being blackmailed by the same evil man, Mr. ...read more.


Boddy's plan back fires, upon turning off the room's lights, Mr. Boddy is killed. The characters set out to explore the mansion, find a way out, and find out who killed Mr. Boddy whilst trying to stay alive! One of the best things about the movie is that every room has its own little story to tell which contributes to the energetic gang and helps them discover the mystery. The way the characters manoeuvre between the rooms is hilarious in its self, but it brilliantly represents how the pawns on the board game move around. The most appealing character has to be Wadsworth the butler. ...read more.


The camera angles are such that you don't miss any action and the films music is awesomely dramatic and very well fitting to the constantly fast then slow, fast then slow moving script. Although this is a great movie overall I would have preferred it if the ending was left as a cliff hanger, so that the audience would be left to imagine for themselves who the killer was. If you have a sense of "silly" humour you'll love Clue. If you like to be left with a smile on your face and something to think about you'll love Clue. But it is one you've kind of got to sit down and watch if you want to catch all the jokes or understand the end. Whodunit? Just guess. I bet you're right. ...read more.

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