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Comparative Commentary - Comparing text 1(a) and 1(b).

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Comparative Commentary Comparing text 1(a) and 1(b) Text 1(a) is titled 'LIDO', a holiday resorts brandname. The text is an advertisement, from 'Travel and Leisure magazine'. Text 1(b) is titled 'Where'. It is a poem, written by A.S.J. Tessimond. The themes of text 1(a) and 1(b) seem to be similar to a certain extent. Both texts are about a place. A loved place, where happiness can be found. A place like paradise. Unlike text 1(b), text 1(a) is an advertisement. It recommends a stay at a 'LIDO'resort. It claims that the 'LIDO'resorts are just like paradise ('Float on the crystal calm waters of a protected Caribbean cove.'or; '... Which means that it's not just comfortable, it's tropical elegance blended with every modern luxury.') Text 1(b) is a poem. This text is not meant for commerce. It is about the place people love most. According to the author of the poem, this place is different for each person. It could be an imaginative place, but also a real one. Text 1(a) concentrates on the material side of a place. It lays the accent on the luxury, elegance, comfort and adventure that can be found at a 'LIDO'resort (line 2; 'Dress for an elegant gourmet dinner or eat when you feel like it courtesy of 24-hour room service.') Text 1(b) does not concentrate on these material issues. ...read more.


You do not know where this place is, it could be everywhere, even just in your imagination. The first paragraph shows moments or things that can make people happy: line 4: 'And women with honey coloured skins and men with no frowns on their faces.' or line 9; 'And at night the shadows are indigo velvet. And there is dancing to soft, soft, soft guitars'. This paragraph creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere, because of all the warm colours used; 'people are warm as the sunshine', 'white terraces', 'cinnamon sands', 'sheaves of gold', 'shadows are indigo velvet' and so on. The paragraph also lets the readers long for a certain place, like the first paragraph of text 1(a) did. The second paragraph shows where the place from paragraph one can be found. It provides more information about this place (just like paragraph two of text 1(a) did). But in contrast to text 1(a), text 1(b) can not really define the place: 'Perhaps your country is where you think you will find it. Or perhaps it has not yet come or perhaps it has gone. Perhaps it is east of the sun and west of the moon.' The author is not sure where this place can be found, because it may be an imaginitive place. ...read more.


The author also used a lot of adjectives, to stress how great the activities at the resorts really are. Tessimond used some imagery in his text too. The repetition of the word 'and', especially in the first paragraph, shows the many wishes your 'favourite place' has to fulfil. Each element is connected; this is a polysyndeton. The author also used many metaphors; 'the people are warm as the sunshine', or; 'while the sea spreads peacock feathers on cinnamon sands', or; 'played by copper fingers'. There is a certain rhyme in the sentences. This makes the people read the text very smoothly. There is assonance used in line 8; 'And palms weave sunlight into sheaves of gold'. The author also used alliteration, in line 7 for instance; 'While the sea spreads peacock feathers on cinnamon sands'. This use of imagery makes the text seem to be a poem. Text 1(a) and 1(b) have a somewhat similar subject, but the texts turn out to be very different. That is because the aims of the authors are different. The aim of the author of text 1(a) is clearer than the aim the author of text 1(b) has. Text 1(a) is written to persuade the readers to pay a visit to one of the 'LIDO' resorts. I think Tessimond wants his readers to think about their 'paradise'; how it looks like, and if it really exists. Both writers succeed in their aims. ...read more.

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