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Compare and contrast the front covers of The Sun and The Guardian newspapers from Thursday 10th April 2003.

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Lauren Wood 16th June 2003 Compare and contrast the front covers of The Sun and The Guardian newspapers from Thursday 10th April 2003. I am going to look at the front pages of The Sun and the Guardian. The Guardian and The Sun are two totally different newspapers, as one is a tabloid paper, and the other is a broadsheet paper. Their approach to reporting is totally different, as The Guardian tends to be more formal than The Sun. In The Sun newspaper, on the front cover, is a clear portrait of what is happening in Iraq. The picture has been zoomed in, so the statue looks very big, and this creates the effect of more power, and the fact that it is being toppled means that the victory for England and America is more of a big deal. The headline is a pun. Liberty means freedom, and the statue of liberty in this picture is being pulled down. So I think this is intended to mean that because it is being pulled down, it means that the Iraqi people can have their freedom, or liberty, now. ...read more.


I think the picture in the Sun was more powerful as the statue is made to look bigger, however, the picture in the Guardian shows more emotion, with the soldier watching on as everything he has worked for is accomplished and this is the beginning of the end for Saddam. The picture in the Guardian also shows a lot of people in the background looking on astonished that the statue has fallen. In the article that is on the front page of the Guardian there are long complex sentences and quite long paragraphs. There also is quite a lot of swearing in the article. I think this might be because the audience is a lot more mature than the audience of the Sun. The two papers approach the reports a different way. The Sun has a picture, that shows everyone what they want to see, and the Guardian has a complete article on the front page. The two papers are meant for different audiences, I think so they have a different approach. ...read more.


The Guardians audience tends to be more middle class, whereas the Suns audience is more working class, and as there are more working class the Sun is a lot more popular than the Guardian. The Sun is statistically the biggest selling paper in the country; as its audience is much wider than the Guardian. For example, the Sun has a sports section every day, and a pull out every Monday and Saturday. The Guardian does not have a sports section. This could be because football and rugby are more working class sports, so the working class are going to be more interested in sports. The Guardian is generally for more intelligent people than the Sun. I can tell this because of the language. The Guardian uses swear words in its articles, but the Sun edits them out. I think this is because the Guardian has a much more mature audience than the Sun, they are less likely to make a fuss, and children are less likely to pick up the Guardian than the Sun. Also, the Sun has younger readers, and doesn't want to offend anybody by printing these words. ...read more.

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