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Compare and contrast the treatment of the killings at DunblanePrimary school by The Sun and The Independent newspapers

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Compare and contrast the treatment of the killings at Dunblane Primary school by The Sun and The Independent newspapers The massacre of Dunblane was a horrific tragedy in which many young innocent children were killed. The coverage from various newspapers came to an enormous amount, each one written and presented in different ways. In this essay will compare and contrast the coverage of the Dunblane tragedy by two The Sun and The Independent newspaper. They are two different types of newspaper, The Sun is a tabloid and The Independent is a broadsheet. This gives them very big differences. Broadsheets usually have many more stories on their front page than tabloids. A tabloid headline is much bigger than a broadsheet headline and there are fewer pictures on a broadsheet newspaper than a tabloid. Broadsheets always contain more per story than tabloids and are less colourful. Broadsheets have longer more detailed headlines, whereas tabloids have short headlines. A broadsheet is much bigger than a tabloid and usually costs more. Both stories were covering the Dunblane killings. It happened on Wednesday 14th March 1996 in the small village of Dunblane in Scotland. A man broke in to an infant school and shot dead 16 pupils, all ages between 4 and 5. After killing their teacher he proceeded to shoot himself. ...read more.


Both newspapers have very different editorials. The editorial from The Sun uses a lot more presentation techniques to enhance the layout; it has bold headlines, subheadings, italics and underlining. These help the reader to understand how the editor wants them to be read or felt. For example the italics are used to make statements that are true but make one realise just how unimaginable the event was. Whereas the Independent uses less presentation techniques, it only makes use of bold on the headline. Therefore I think that in terms of layout and presentation The Sun's editorial is easier to read because it uses techniques that make it more accessible to how it should be read, or how the editor feels that the sentence should be felt. However the Independents editorial is very plain, I think this is because it gets across a sad tone, and makes the reader feel the sadness because In both articles the editor's have used lots of personal pronouns to address the reader. These include 'us, we and you'. They are used to make the reader feel more involved in the story, as though they are being personally addressed. If the reader feels more important and involved then they are more likely to read on through the article. Both The Sun and The Independent contain many personal pronouns that address the reader, and once again make them feel involved in the article. ...read more.


If I were the editor of my own newspaper I would have done many things differently. The photo used by both newspapers is good in some ways, as it evokes emotions in the reader because of the children's innocence and happiness. However many people were outraged at the use of this particular picture on the front page and felt that it exploited the children in order to boost sales. Therefore I would use a different picture, probably a photo of the school with flowers left by it, as this would evoke a sad and sympathetic response by the reader but not cause them to be angry. In the editorial of The Independent I would have included more of a point of view of how I felt about what happened, and used more presentation techniques, such as headings and bold font etc. I would also not have n angry tone like The Sun did, as I think a sad tone would be better. Now that the Dunblane tragedy was so long ago, there is rarely any newspaper coverage of it. However at the time newspaper coverage made a big impact; it could change peoples views, change their moods by using tone and get laws to be changed. This shows that the media is a very powerful aspect of life, and in many ways has the power to control and distort. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Sam Fletcher Dunblane Essay coursework ...read more.

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