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Comparing two newspapers with the same story

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Comparing two newspapers with the same story I will be comparing two newspapers articles with identical story, both of which are subjected on a gay prostitute scandal which claimed the career of Mark Oaten a liberal democrat candidate who was competing for leadership of liberal democrats. I have underlined key information from the articles. My first newspaper article is a tabloid dated January 23rd 2006 and published by the Daily Mirror, which contains two main pages of the article first of which is the title page portraying at center of the title page a picture of "Disgraced MP Mark Oaten's Wife Belinda is away on a ski trip" with those words printed at the bottom of the pictures with small font size signifying the location of the picture also why she look very happy and at beside the pictures are the words "Abroad and alone, the loyal wife betrayed by rent boy MP" in large, white, bold letters with black background, this type of wording suggest that that this is one of the main subjects of the article and the newspaper feel sympathy for the wife as it states the words "Abroad and alone, the loyal wife". ...read more.


This section of the articles is based on the politics of the story therefore it will interest readers wanting to know about political structure of liberal democrats also the writer does not indicates by the use of words weather or not he is biased against Mark Oaten's action but just state the facts in this section of the article. Thirdly the article details the opinions and facts from Geoffrey Levy who writes about the impact of Mark Oaten's behavior towards his family, the writer uses effective headline as he states only the human interest words "Devoted farther and the 80 pounds an hour rent boy" this sentence suggests that perhaps the writer is for the actions of Mark Oaten as some people will argue how can Mark Oaten be a "Devoted farther" and have a "80 pounds an hour rent boy". On the article there are two main pictures of Mark Oaten with his wife as a "madly in love" couple this pictures looks like it has been cropped to fit on the paper and shows how happy Mark Oaten and Belinda Oaten was before ...read more.


The broadsheet does not state weather or not it is against the behavior of Mark Oaten but writes the comments of people around Mark Oaten and explains the effects of his actions on the political agenda. The differences between the two newspaper is that firstly the tabloids (daily mail) although it does include some facts mainly has lots of gossips about what Mark Oaten did and why he did (personality) the tabloid has short articles and lots of pictures and has shorter pages then the broadsheet. Secondly the broadsheet is only interested in the facts and unlike the tabloids does not consist of many pictures or emotional language. The broadsheet has long and sometimes complex sentences therefore I would expect the main focus for broadsheet is to interest people who like facts and are interested in the truth rather then just a gossip. For the tabloids I would think that it is interested in pictures, short sentences and interesting stories this would suggest that tabloids would interest the younger adult population by using such methods as gossips, sex scandals etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Course Work ...read more.

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