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Comparison of newspaper reports in The Sun and The Daily Telegraph Monday, January 12th Covering Robert Kilroy-Silk's Suspension by the BBC.

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Comparison of newspaper reports in The Sun and The Daily Telegraph Monday, January 12th Covering Robert Kilroy-Silk's Suspension by the BBC I am going to compare two newspaper articles about Robert Kilroy-Silk controversial suspension by the BBC. The Daily Telegraph and The Sun articles have many major differences but some minor similarities. The articles in the Telegraph is situated on page 2; this is because it is a quite important article for broadsheets newspapers, but not important enough to be on the front page. However, in The Sun the article is situated on page 22 as the reporter obviously considered the article to be that important as the articles that are more sensational are nearer the front. There is an attractive photograph of Mr Kilroy-Silk printed in the centre of The Sun article. ...read more.


The size of the print front is similar in both articles but The Daily Telegraph's is slightly larger, but The Sun's print font is more spaced out. The length of The Sun article is fairly short and is broken down into sections to make it more accessible to the reader. However, The Daily Telegraph article is quite lengthy and isn't broken down into sections so it is a more of a daunting prospect for readers. The reporter of The Sun is quite biased as they are defending Mr Kilroy-Silk by giving him sympathy by telling the public that he attended the funeral of his mother Rose last week. This information was completely irrelevant to the rest of the article. The reporter is persuading the public that MR Kilroy-Silk is innocent by defending him, and not presenting peoples views that he is racist. ...read more.


But in The Daily Telegraph they have only used speech marks around the quotes, just to show it was something that was actually said. The quotes the reporter used in this article were mainly ones where Mr Kilroy-Silk was arguing about the BBC. Both of the newspaper articles about Robert Kilroy-Silk's controversial suspension by the BBC are mainly very different in the way they are written and laid out. However I do consider that The Daily Telegraph article is more reliable on this item of news. I think this is because the reporter tells you the whole story from different sides. But The Sun article only tells you the main information and the reporter included other information to try to make it more interesting for the readers. So if you want to find out about a particular newspaper article, it is best to read a broadsheet newspaper as they are more reliable then a tabloid newspaper. Michelle Moody 10/05/2007 ...read more.

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