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Computers in today's society advantage or disadvantage?

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Computers in today's society advantage or disadvantage? In today's world computers are necessary. Without computers our modern world would fall apart. Humans could not cope with the workloads that would be excreted on them. Without computers we would loose half of our modern world. People do not realize the amount of work computers do for us in every day life. Say the checkouts in supermarkets did not use computers you would be standing in the checkout for a long time as the cashier would have to write down all of your items and work out your total in their head. ...read more.


Computers are able to access a very large amount of information and data, information on everything known to man is available to access and read or download from the Internet. Computers provide an incredibly simple way to communicate with other people anywhere in the world, through video or voice links, this creates a lot less problems for companies as representatives do not have to travel to other countries to organise deals etc with other companies. ...read more.


With the rate that computers are updating gaming is becoming more and more life like. Without computers the bills you receive would be hand written, would probably only receive one a year and would be a lot more expensive, in fact I am sure you probably wouldn't have electricity, or telephones as it is computers that control all of them. In my opinion computers in today's society are a great advantage, and are needed a great deal. Kyle Greer ...read more.

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