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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour Consumers have so many choices to make compared to ten or even twenty years ago. Today as always, business growth depends heavily on loyal customers who return because they are satisfied with the product and/or service they have received. But first companies have to bring consumers into the stores. The companies bring consumers into the store by marketing their product. The average consumer would probably define marketing as a combination of advertising and selling. It actually includes a good deal more. Modern marketing is most simply defined as directing the flow of goods from producers to customers. In order to answer this question fully we must define consumer goods which means goods that are used or bought for use primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. The essay outlines the contributions of marketing through fast moving consumer goods. Promotion, which works hand in hand with marketing a product, allows the product to be relayed to the right consumer through campaigns. Market research must be completed to find a target audience which is used for promotional and advertising reasons. The last part of the scheme is the actual advertising of the good which pulls the consumer into the store. ...read more.


It is essential to be seen on TV, magazines, and other media in order to show potential buyers that your product is worth investing in. Today, media is so integrated into the society that it dominates the culture. Therefore, media presence is crucial in influencing consumers. The worlds' cultures are growing increasingly visual. People spend less time reading and more time watching. Advertisers want to engage the viewer using highly simplified concepts that are a fusion of visuals and words. They want their ideas to communicate linguistically in seconds, yet stay imprinted on the mind of the buyer. "Companies need to avoid the mistake of setting customer expectations too high through exaggerated promotional claim since this can lead to dissatisfaction if performance falls short of expectations". (Jobber 1998: 12) For instance, Marshall Field's, a department store in Chicago, has long used the motto: Give the lady what she wants. Finding out what the customer wants is one of the problems marketing research tries to solve. Marketing research has been defined as trying to analyze marketing problems scientifically. It studies people as buyers and sellers, examining their habits, attitudes, preferences, dislikes, and purchasing power. ...read more.


The growth of ads for consumer goods was particularly noteworthy given that ads for computers and related products had been dominant since the Web's inception. Ads for consumer goods were responsible or 30 percent of revenue in the second quarter, up from 17 percent in the first quarter. Following consumer goods were financial services (22 percent of total spending), computer goods (21 percent), and new media and telecommunications (7 percent each). LeFurgy said the growth demonstrated that consumer-goods companies were moving out of an experimental mode and into a commitment mode on the Web. In conclusion, the client above used this information to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising. They determined that the advertising was memorable, but that the public tended not to recall the message the client was trying to portray. They were able to make changes to the advertising to better communicate the intended message. All of these types of marketing are attempts to find and reach the elusive and demanding consumer. However, one of the most interesting of these responses is it grows out of the conviction that the only way for marketing to be effective with the consumer of today is to radically change and become subversive. The marketing techniques, advertising, and promotion used by today's companies help consumer goods and services sell quickly. ...read more.

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