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detailed semiotic analysis of a music video

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The video that I am analysing is Simian mobile disco VS Justice - We Are Your Friends. The video belongs to the music genre of Electro / Psychedelic / Alternative. This genre's broad characteristics include DJ sets with crowds and bizarre storylines. The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals creates an idea of irony. For example the lyrics state We Are Your Friends, whilst simultaneously we view an individual experiencing a practical joke as a cat gets thrown at him whilst asleep. ...read more.


The use of the extraordinary concept of the video helps to sell this track, as it is recognisable and extravagant. Also the combination of the two artists justice and simian mobile disco combining, will have a considerable effect on the size of the audience. Throughout the video there is no appearance from the actual artists. However the audience can create an image of the artist after having watched the video. As the artists are combined they have not released any previous music videos together. ...read more.


As the artist does not appear in the video they cannot have been put on sexual display. Considering the other actors within the video there is also no use of sexual display by male or female individuals. There are no other factors within the video linking to the use of sexual display. This music video is approximately 90% concept based and 10% narrative based. This is because there is no performance and the whole video is shots of foolish tricks performed to recovering individuals. The narrative section is small and consists of the link between all the performers having being drunk the night before. ?? ?? ?? ?? Appendix 7 Semiotic Analysis - Andrew Simpson. ...read more.

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