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Effects of computers on society

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Effects of computers on society Internet The internet was a major break-through in computing. It enabled people to communicate and transfer information. The internet has been around for about 30 years and is always changing. It has many different uses. It can be used for video and teleconferencing, finding information, buying products, downloading programmes and music and much more. I think that the internet has helped society a great deal. On the other hand, it does have its disadvantages as anything can be found on the internet, whether it is good or bad. If the internet is in the wrong hands it can be a very bad thing as it could be held responsible for things like rape etc. I am saying this because it is very easy for an adult to go into a chat room and pretend that they are a teenager. They could then arrange to meet up with someone, and this person would be thinking that they are a teenager. This is the disadvantage of the internet, but I feel that the good points over-power the bad. ...read more.


Availability of Information This topic links in with the internet, as well as using programmes like encyclopaedias on the computer to find information. The internet has such a broad range of information on it that it would be almost impossible to not find what you are looking for. Almost any word can be typed into a search engine (e.g. www.google.com) and the user will find something relating to the word or phrase that they typed in. There are also programmes like Encarta which can be bought from a computer shop. This programme is basically an encyclopaedia. It is a very good source of information, but it is limited as it is only a programme. I think this is a definite benefit to society and there are not really any bad points about it apart from the fact that there is the rare time when you cannot find what you want on the internet or in an encyclopaedia, but as I said, this is rare. Ease of Shopping The internet can be used to buy almost anything. ...read more.


Dependency One thing about computers that I do find slightly worrying is the dependency of them. People nowadays rely on computers to do everything for them. I think that this is one disadvantage of computers. They should be used merely as a backup if something cannot be done by hand. Although they are more accurate and neat, if they go wrong, people can run into serious problems. For example, a company could store all their data on their computer. If this computer got a virus or for any other reason was not able to start up, then the company would face some very big problems as to what to do. This is one of the downfalls of computers in today's society. Viruses Viruses are usually downloaded off the internet. They are either an attachment to a file or just a file by itself that, when opened on the computer, does damage in one way or another. Most viruses can be detected by antivirus software, which should be another necessity on all computers. This is another downfall of computers because, as I have mentioned above, if an important computer does get a virus, then a lot of important information could be lost. James Taylor 5N ...read more.

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