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Elvis Presley Coursework Assignment

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Josh Anderson 11S Elvis Presley Coursework Assignment Question 1. Study source A. What can you learn from source A about Elvis Presley's impact on popular music in the USA in 1955? From source A we can learn that Elvis was a popular, whether people liked his music or just him still sold his records, 'six hit singles in the companies hit list of top 25 best sellers'. It also shows that the magazine liked him and had confidence in him and that he would succeed at the highest level. This is shown by the title 'Presley Hot as $1 Pistol' meaning he will shoot to stardom quickly. The article also mentions that he is also 'the number two best seller' after a well respected, clean cut singer. This shows he has already almost made the big time. Question 2. Study Sources A and B. Source B gives different impressions of Elvis Presley to that given in Source A. i) In what ways do the sources differ? Source A is different to Source B in many ways. Source A is a factual article which is encouraging towards Elvis, promoting the fact that he is popular. ...read more.


The three articles in source B are all critical about Elvis eg. 'Presley has no singing ability', 'unintelligible lyrics' and 'grunt and groan antics'. Whereas Sources E and F are positive about his appearances. 'The Milton Berle show topped Sergeant Berle in the ratings'. This shows that people were watching the show to see him perform, 'it was a relaxed and therefore more effective Milton Berle show'. Source F shows screaming and shouting girls and how popular he is. This Source could also be negative as it shows him and his roughneck appearance. All of these sources show that Elvis did make an impact whether he was liked or disliked. The age group he had the biggest impact on were the teenagers. This was because they liked his music and his rebellious style. Question 4. Study Source G. Use your own knowledge to explain why these different views were expressed. In Source G the three different people speaking all have the same view but for different reasons. The congressman Emmanuel Celler dislikes Elvis because he thought that he overdid his actions. The congressman did not have a problem with rock'n'roll but 'Presley and his animal gyrations violate all that I know to be in good taste'. ...read more.


Sources B and C are Magazine and newspaper articles with other peoples opinions about his TV appearances. Both of these articles are one sided against Elvis, only giving a conservative reaction. These reactions are all picking out bad things about his appearance and movements eg. 'Presley has no singing ability', 'Unintelligible lyrics', 'primitive physical movement', and 'grunt and groan antics'. Source F which shows Elvis dancing and singing could be positive in that there are so many screaming fans, or negative showing roughneck appearance with sideburns and controversial dress sense. Sources A, E, and H are all positive Sources towards him and his records. Source A shows that his music was popular and that he was already the 'number two best seller' before he even appeared on TV. Source E shows that his appearance on the Milton Berle TV show had topped the ratings. This shows that people were tuning in to see him again showing he was popular before his first TV appearance. Source H is more facts about his record sales and how well they were selling compared to other artists at the same time. These statistics tell us that his music was extremely popular. These three Sources are factual rather than opinion like Sources B, and C. The middle aged group of people at the time were always looking to criticise Elvis. ...read more.

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