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Evaluation of a website - cbeebies/

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Cbeebies http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/ This website is for young children age 0-6.Purpose of making such a website is to give educational and entertainment background for little children who are still learning English .Probably it'll make to give soft and happy thoughts into that little minds in a fancy way. How to colour and sing songs are inspired by this web site to little children . It content lots of games and different types of activities to little children. The text style is also made for children which has a fancy look on it. This is not a professional website so the layer seemed to be bond with simple colours and attracting pictures. And from the graphics they have used in this website make little ones lively and active. ...read more.


Some graphics and moving pictures have used in this web .But the music and entertainment interactive materials are not used in this website. This website gives a good opportunity to improve IT skills and target for people who interested with that stuff. FASHIONS http://www.style.com/ This website is a related to fashion and designing things. And this is aimed to the people who love to be with fashion and like to design cloths etc. The purpose of this website is to give creative and beautiful designs to people. This content many details about different cloths and there are plenty of pictures who are showing that cloths and designs in a fancy way. Different cloths and jewelleries can be order from this website. And this website is consist of well-known designers who have designed fancy cloths. ...read more.


Because it's necessary to have a media player to play different songs and videos. You can click that fancy buttons to link in to other pages in it. DAILY NEWS http://www.cnn.com/ This website is about everyday issues and give different information about things happening in these days. It covers all the special events happens today and these days .It aim for all people and don't have any specific age boundaries to read that things in it. Different things in the background make this website more complex and professional. They have used same font in every link page. But they have underlined that hyperlinks and coloured in blue to recognise them. This web site is contain multi media tasks such as videos ,audios and animations .And other advertisement are related with day today life and less ad. showing in main page. Every different picture is giving some kind of a clue about that specific article. Umesha Navodani 10 AS ...read more.

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