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Evaluation of Magazine Products

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EVALUATION OF MAGAZINE PRODUCTS The magazine cover I composed was organised and categorised to its genre, which is that of a business magazine. This is recognised, without difficulty, by the target audience through several uses of common elements such as the narrative, structure and generic conventions on the front cover and content page. My target audience lies on a very broad scale of people in the social classification, which is based on earning power. According to Noam Chomosky, an American intellectual, society is made up of two classes of people and my magazine has hit both of these. There is a top 20%, the professional class. These are people who evidently have a true interest in politics and the rudiments of power that are associated with their position that are featured in the magazine. Then there are the remaining 80% who's main function is to work and follow orders, usually at the biding of the 20%. Their interest in politics is generally minimal. I feel my magazine also lies within this audience, as there are many prospects in the magazine for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to earn money and become suited in the top 20%. Although the social classification of this magazine is very broad there are certain subjectivities that make up the target audience. ...read more.


The notion this front cover should instantly give is that it is categorically a business magazine and that it should not be confused with a magazine of any other genre. This objective was attained with the application of the colour grey. The colour grey is a very subjective colour to a definitive magazine audience, which involves a more pragmatic and informative content that is often centred on business as it signifies the suit someone might wear for commencing business. I consequently established that the application of this colour signifies exactly what the Acquisition Money magazine is regarding despite including an assortment of brighter and more eye-catching colours as well. The other main colours used on both the front cover and the content page are red and blue, which denotatates the two major political parties, labour and conservative. I opted not to put a website on the front cover as I feel the consumer should be confident that everything that might want to be obtained is within the front and back cover of the magazine. Also, when a website is distributed the consumers could be capable of finding all the crucial information from it, leaving it avoidable to even pay money for the magazine. Politics is of course what would have the biggest influence on the issues covered in the magazine as it is the central command point for the economy as it stands. ...read more.


The content page has a far more uncomplicated layout that still attains most of the same colour code. There are narrow red and blue lines running down and across the whole page used to section of the contents of the magazine. These lines are exactly coincide with the colours used on the front page. The beige extract positioned to the left of the page feature the Mission Statement of the magazine and the area where the production teams names would feature. To the right of the page features the first page of the content page, which illustrates the page numbers for business and franchising. To draw attention to each of the pages number sections I have highlighted the numbers with a gold box which connotates a quality to the magazine. To develop or improve on my magazine I would have carried out extensive research in order to unearth a method in order to appeal to those previously uninterested in economical issues in a way that it could possibly persuade them to possibly enter the world of business. There was also limitations to the design package I used with regard to fonts, clipart and effects. It is also apparent that the positioning of a number of pieces of text on the front cover and content page are not as flawlessly aligned as they should be in order to compete in a market of such high standards. ...read more.

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