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Examine the cinematic techniques used in the film East is East

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East is East Examine the cinematic techniques used in the film e. Camera shots and angles. East is East is a film about the crash of eastern and western culture in a multicultural family in which, the father, George, is a Pakistani and the mother, Ella, is a British. In the movie, different cinematic techniques are used in order to show this theme of culture crashing. Among the cinematic techniques, camera shots play an important role in presenting the idea and showing the emotions of the characters, while angles are effective in putting emphasis on certain characters, places or objects. The use of camera shots in the movie reflects different situations when eastern culture crashed with the western culture. At the beginning of the movie, a medium shot is used to show the parade where all the children of George and Ella carrying a crucifix. As it seems that they are the only Asians among all the white faces, this shot creates a dramatic opening as it is against the religion of Pakistani, that is Muslim, to carry the symbol of Catholic, the crucifix. ...read more.


They are reluctant to know more about the eastern culture. Towards the end of the movie, in the scene when the Shah family visited the Khan family, cut is used to show the contrast of the Shah and the Khan. The camera first shows the traditionally dressed Shah, then cut to Ella with western clothing, Meenah with the sari (which Mrs. Shah later commented it as not traditional), Tariq and Abdul in suits. This creates a scene where eastern culture, presented by the Shah, versus western culture, presented by the Khan. The use of camera shots is effective in showing the cultural differences. The camera shots are also effective in showing the emotions of he characters, in which close-ups are frequently used. For example, in the wedding scene, close-ups of Nazir (the eldest son who is going to get married) are often used. The close-up of Nazir reflects that he is anxious during the wedding, which foreshadows his runaway later on. ...read more.


Another high angle is used when George opens the wooden box and golden wedding clothing is shown, this foreshadows the wedding of Nazir afterwards. Also, in the scene when George hits Ella in the chip shop, a low angle from George to Ella, shows the situation that Ella is under the control of George. A high angle is used when Tariq packs his bag, the high angle shows the opened case with clothes stuffed by Tariq, the high angle put emphasis on the luggage. Towards the end of the film, another high angle is used to put emphasis on the sculpture that is made by Saleem. At the end of the movie, a high angle is again used to show the long alley of Salford, which parallel with the opening scene. In this way, angles are being made used of in the film to put emphasis on different situations. To conclude, camera shots are used in the movie to show the cultural differences of East and West, and close-up is particularly used to show the emotions of the characters. Angles are used to put emphasis on certain characters, objects, and places. ...read more.

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A weak grasp of the technical language of film studies makes this a sometimes very confusing account of the film.

Current grade: 2 stars

Marked by teacher Govinda Dickman 07/08/2013

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