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Examine the relationship between the music industry and the radio in the promotion of music. The radio and music industry work symbiotically

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Examine the relationship between the music industry and the radio in the promotion of music. The radio and music industry work symbiotically with each other, meaning that they depend on each other to help them grow, and be successful. The radio helps to influence music sales. Before the 1980's radio was the most important broadcast medium for determining the form and content of popular music. The radio compiles play lists which combine the favourite tracks of all the different DJs and producers to provide a varied mix of music and introduces exciting new artists along side those more established. They make deals with the record companies on how many times their song will be played within a certain length of time, in order to ensure maximum airplay. Radio 1's daytime programme is generally built around play list records, because they try to 'bring the best new music to the widest possible audience'. Unfortunately the songs that reach the play lists are decided upon by the Head of Music, so it is difficult for up and coming artists to really get enough airtime. ...read more.


Many tracks that are played have not yet been released. This helps to bring about people's interest in the song before it has been released, then buy it as soon as it has. It helps boost sales for the record company and artists, and get their track widely noticed before release date. The radio can really help start off a new band. Cold Play for instance was first played when they dropped a CD off at Radio 1. The music industry relies on single sales, and focuses on how to promote singles into stations in order to achieve a high placing on the singles chart. They are dependant on the radio industry to get great coverage of new singles and good reviews. The radio is able to access listeners through local, regional and national platforms. The radio airplay is central to commercial success especially through the popular chart shows. The different radio stations can focus on broader, or more targeted play lists, ranging from Radio 1 and Radio 2, through to Jazz FM, 1Xtra, XFM and Classic Fm. ...read more.


The record companies supply the music and are eager to plug new products, and the radio stations need to play the music in order to get listeners. The record companies, or artists, often provide the record companies with 'exclusives'. They may play a new single before any other station, or have an exclusive interview with an artist. This helps them gain and keep listeners. Many people will listen to the radio whilst doing other tasks, such as ironing. This is a form of secondary consumption, and influences people to buy songs they have heard. In many cases you will find yourself humming to a song that you heard earlier, and if you have enjoyed it you may wish to buy the single. Radios also include talks about music or musicians, from gossip to critical reviews. This gives the listeners information about the artists and lets them delve into their backgrounds. This may also encourage you to buy their album. For instance if the radio focus on a Welsh band, and you live in Wales, you may wish to buy their albums to support people from your area. ?? ?? ?? ?? Martine Welby 13JH ...read more.

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