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Factors that encourage Internet use

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Factors that encourage Internet use In this assignment, Task 2, I will be explaining the advantages of using the Internet. I will also be explaining why all different age groups may use the Internet as well as the reasons that people use it. There are many advantages of using the Internet, some of these advantages may appeal to different age groups mainly because of interests and life styles. Some of the advantages are: - * News & Information * Online Purchasing * Entertainment News And Information is one of the big factors of the internet, the internet is a virtual world of information, this is one of the big advantages because it enables you to receive information when you want and need it without having to leave your home to go to a library to look in a book or to the shop to buy a news paper. Online Purchasing is also a big advantage and one of the main features of the Internet as it allows you to buy items and products from your home. ...read more.


Items brought online are delivered to you so that you are not required to leave where ever you are to collect the item. These are the 3 main reasons why the Internet is so popular and is increasing the number of users everyday. The majority of Internet users tend to be quite young mostly in the age group of 14-35 year olds because there is more to do on the internet for that age group for example Teenager A teenager might use the internet to communicate with their friends via email www.hotmail.com or chat rooms www.chat.com, these chat rooms and email are world wide so people can contact other people anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. They might also use the Internet for downloads, these downloads may include music like songs from various artists, nearly every song ever made by an artist is on the web, other downloads can be games to play for entertainment purpose, there are tons of games to play online or even offline. ...read more.


Business Men Businessmen might use the Internet to look at competitors and find out how they are running their business. They might also use the Internet to contact customers and send them details or get feedback from them. The Internet is also good for advertising businesses and for seeking employees, many businesses advertise job posts online. The Internet is now becoming more popular than ever and is now accessible in many places. Even businesses are taking advantage of the Internet and have set up companies which allow you to use the Internet in their shop for example a Internet caf´┐Ż or salon, the availability of the internet has increased the number of users dramatically. Just last year in 2002 Internet user figures world wide showed on estimate that the number of people on the Internet was 563 million and has increased this year to 580 million. This is an increase of 17 million users in one year and numbers are expected to increase even more over the next few years. Craig Knight Task 2 Ian Greenwood Page 1/3 ...read more.

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