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Film review Freaky Friday.

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Kristina Korotych 08-0801 Film review " Freaky Friday". Freaky Friday (also known as Fortune Cookie in Japan) is a 2003 comedy based on the novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers. It stars Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman and Jamie Lee Curtis as her mother Tess Coleman. The wide generation gap between mother and her teenage daughter is more than evident. They simply cannot understand each other's preferences. On a Thursday night they have a big argument in a Chinese restaurant. Both receive a fortune cookie each from the restaurant owner's mother which causes them to switch bodies next day. As they adjust with their new personalities, they begin to understand each other more and eventually it's the mutual self-respect that sorts the things out. ...read more.


Film has won 5 different awards ( for ex. female acting) and also it was nominated for Golden Globe and 10 other nominations. Film was directed by Mark Waters . Produced by Andrew Gunn, Mario Iscovich, Ann Marie Sanderlin. It seems that there will always be a market for a wholesome family film in which a younger girl battles with an older female figure and the success of Freaky Friday resembles the similar box office achievement of last year's Princess Diaries. Hollywood execs will no doubt be looking at this genre carefully and trying to put their own projects into development for the next holiday season. The film couldn't be more of a contrast however to the recent mother/daughter feud pic Thirteen. ...read more.


Things come to a head when Annabell's band have a major audition on the night of Tess' wedding rehearsal, and a strange incident involving Chinese fortune cookies transplants both characters into each other's bodies. Comic capers inevitably ensue, with the daughter unable to cope with her mother's hectic lifestyle and Curtis coming over all coy in the wake of the admiring glances she gets from her daughter's classmates. There's plenty of confusion and slapstick humour which both Curtis and Lohan jump into energetically, although Harmon - touted as a rising star back in the 80s when he made The Presidio - does suffer from having the most one-dimensional character to play. This is gentle, unchallenging stuff whose gushy ending can be seen a mile off. It's curiously old-fashioned in its morals, although there is nothing wrong with the occasional slice of wholesome family entertainment. There can be little doubt that a sequel must already be in the offing. ...read more.

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