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Gary Sinse transformed the book of Arthur Miller, The Crucible, into a very forceful movie even though there are some differences between the play and the

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Nowadays many people prefer to watch a movie in the cinema or in the TV rather than reading a book. This explains why more and more books are being transformed into movies. Sometimes the movies are faithful to the books that they adapt. In other cases the directors feel free to change the play or the novel to best suit the feelings and the tastes of their audience. A film director has more resources to produce a film than what you have in a play theatre. In a play written for a theatre stage, the decorations can change only a certain number of times and it can be difficult to express the different emotions of the characters. A film can show the different emotions with close ups and can built emotions with different decorations and music. The play is more limited than the movie and that is why there are usually differences between a story written as a play and a film based on that same story. The movie and the play portray different feelings of pity, empathy and anger, as well as similarities with a historic event that has inspired both movie and play. Gary Sinse transformed the book of Arthur Miller, The Crucible, into a very forceful movie even though there are some differences between the play and the movie. ...read more.


John does not avoid her and it seems as if he still has some love for her. Sinse deals with the love affair of Abigail and John as something more serious and tender. Empathy for John's situation arises in the spectator. Since John does not want his honour destroyed, he refuses to sign the paper confessing witchcraft. So, he will be hanged. John is an honorable man that dislikes lies and that creates a feeling of empathy. On the contrary, in the movie John recites parts of the bible before his execution. In this way, Sinse tries to transmit us the impression that John is not only innocent but that he is also a good Christian that will not lie. The feeling is of empathy because he is a good man and trusts God. By acting honestly, John gains back the respect of his wife. For example, when in front of his wife he says "I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such do Give them no tear! Tears pleasure them! Show honor now, show a stony and sink them with it!" (133). In the movie, he whips Tituba until she confesses that she has let out the devil. The director does this to show how people in Salem were forced to say things that were not true. ...read more.


At that time in the United States many people were listening to McCarthy, and following what he said, more so because television had just started and McCarthy's interrogation were seen by many Americans. It was a very bad time in the United States because people were not allowed to feel free and speak freely of their ideas. McCarthy was like the group of girls accusing innocent people of things they had not done. Many Americans believed what McCarthy said as people in Salem believed what the girls said and what was best for their interests. The McCarthy era and the Crucible are similar in many ways because they both show that people were not allowed to think freely and that they were considered suspiciously if they did so. The feelings of pity, anger and empathy are compared and contrasted in the movie and in the play with a common historic event. Today many novels and plays are being turned into movies. Gary Sinse tried and did follow the basic ideas of The Crucible but he also added a little bit of emotion and close ups to make it a real movie not an exact copy of the play. There are some differences, and many similarities. Gary Sinse used the story and followed Miller's play to make a fascinating movie portraying his ideas and transmitting us the same emotions that can be found in the book. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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