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How Well Does Morwellham Quay Show Devon’S Industrial Heritage?

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DALE EDWARDS HOW WELL DOES MORWELLHAM QUAY SHOW DEVON'S INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE? Morwellham quay was once the most important copper port in Queen Victoria's Empire but now it is a public museum reminiscent of the once great mining industry. The old town fell into ruins around 1900AD when Britain found it cheaper to by copper than to mine it and so it fell into ruins. Now it has been restored by the Tamar Valley Trust and is run and supported as a museum. Because of its appearance it does not conjure up the image of its once significant place in mining. Some of the buildings that are left have been restored and some have been left as a ruin though none actually show how the port was described in the video, a port of a few hundred metres is now a silted up riverbank, 3 houses to show how all classes of people lived bustling in the streets on the way to the mines, school or shops. ...read more.


This does not interest the newer generations. I believe they could improve the video by perhaps adding a cartoon or some appropriate modern music to it so as to engage the viewer. Another way to do it would be to let schoolchildren produce the video. This is because they know what they like so it would probably engage younger people alike. Next we went on the mine. This was a small train that took you through a widened tunnel on one level of the mine. This is interesting for younger riders as it is dark and provides an element of mystery. There was a guided talk taking you step by step through the age that most people would understand and was accompanied by models of workers with audio clips. This made it very easy to understand but also very informative on the mining lifestyle. They had left one tunnel un-widened so that we would be able to see how uncomfortable that the miners had to endure daily for their entire lives. ...read more.


The only problem was everything was too clean for a mining town but we later found that this was because it intimidated the public when they tried it before. The staff could have made things more realistic by acting the part as if they were C19th miners/ women. Then you would have had the feel of how people really lived. The building weren't enough in number to do the museum justice. There were only to classes of housing representing a miner's house and an essayers' house. This did not show how the poorest and the richest lived. There are also some ruins that they had there of the houses before the trust restored them. This shows us the layout of the old town and how big the miner's cottages were in an unbiased way as the cottage could have been altered when restored. Morwellham Quay shows Devon's Industrial Heritage quite well as it has been hardly altered to the 1800's bar a few small bits of much needed maintenance and safety. The only shame is that it does not try to engage the younger visitor. ...read more.

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