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I.T Coursework -Analysis.

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GCSE I.T Coursework -Analysis Software to be used I will be using many different website to do with my sport each site contains a lot of information about korfball and how it is played. The programs that I will be using are mainly Microsoft word and the Internet. I don't think that I will need to use excel or PowerPoint. I will need to use FrontPage so that I can format and eventually make a website. This program helps a lot because it gives the information and the tools to make a reasonably good website. To be able to take pictures I will also need a digital camera so that I can put them onto the computer. Hardware to be used I will obviously be using a computer because this is an It project. I will also be using a scanner so that I can scan pictures or text onto the computer for easy access and it takes less time than writing out all of the text. A scanner will also be useful because I have a lot of leaflets on korfball and the scanner is the obvious choice for getting the pictures and text from the leaflets to the computer. I will also be using a printer so that I can print out the work that I do. ...read more.


Processing Here I will need to be able to get information off the internet to be able to put the information on my internet site so that people who know nothing about the sport will be able to understand the text the way I have written it rather than me just copying it off the internet and putting it on my website. The processing is the sort of middle link of what I get off the internet the raw material and what I will actually put on my internet site so that newcomers to the site can understand what I am talking about. Input Source Method of collection Error checking Information about Korfball e.g. rules fixtures and background information for example if people want to find out about when the game started. I will probably want to find a picture Off the internet and books (not many books on Korfball) leaflets and asking people who know about Korfball and also my knowledge I again would get my picture off the internet or I could cut a picture of a leaflet that I have got Internet- Go to a search engine and type in the name of the thing that I want for example Korfball, then select a website and copy and process the relevant information. ...read more.


I can do the same thing with text, if I want to make someone notice text I can highlight the text in a bright colour or make bold which will aging make someone notice it. I will also use data manipulation by combining a number of inputs to make a complex picture. Security For my security I will often save my work so that if the computer does crash or someone turns my computer of I have it saved so I will not really matter's will also keep a second copy of each file so that if someone does find get onto my user area if they do delete the main file I will have a copy in a different user area under a different name. I will also try to remember to save all o my work to a floppy disk so that if someone deletes all of my files I will have it on a floppy disk and also if the whole computer system crashes and is out for a long time, so that I don't fall behind I will have it on floppy disk. Passwords will also play a major role in keeping my files safe. I will have a password for my user area, which will obviously prevent people from easily accessing my user area. I will also try to set a password to go on my actual account. ...read more.

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