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IdentDesigning a website for a fast car rental service.

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IDENTIFICATION Problem My friend at fast rental has asked me to help them out as they are currently sending out leaflet and flyers and they are getting a good response but the are unable to handle the phone calls and they are working a way to resolve this problem, Mr. Branson has asked me to design and make a website for him as he knows me, the only webmaster he knows to design a website for him. The problem started when the demand for fast rental increased As the demand increased the phone calls increased but at that time they where not doing anything to stop that problem and it rose up to such an capacity that people don't want to use fast rental any more due to the wait. My objectives are: * To allow user to order car online * Allow user to keep record of what they ordered * Give/display user cars and information online * Give all the necessary details and terms and condition End User Requirements In the making of this website Mr. Branson has specified a number of end user requirements that must be fulfilled during the design process. ...read more.


As you can see I am using 2 different software to do the same thing because I am going to do some things that Dream-Weaver only allows and other things that Front Page allows, as the site I am developing will require scripts that allows only registered user to use the system. I will need to use more then just html. I have decided to use PHP as it's easy to use and most server supports it, I will need apache server and a mysql database system, I am going to use mysql and link it to the php source code which will check if the user is register or not. * I am also going to need to use Photo Shop as I am going to need to have logos and icons giving it a tone of professionalism, which will attract more costumers, and overall make the website look good. * I am going to need to use database software as all the car detail will be stored in a database, and linked to the site which then can be searched by a user for specific car, and renting times. ...read more.


The server will also keep copies of the user's details increase the system goes down and the website has to be restarted. And to avoid people form having to fill in the form twice. Security issues The website will run on servers that have SSL security with 128bit encryption to stop people form gain unauthorized access to other people personal and confidential details. The system will keep 24 hour back up before it updates, so if any deletion happens it can be traced and fixed. ANALYSE System flow chart User flow chart EVALUATION The problems that I have solved are: * To allow user to order car online * Allow user to keep record of what they ordered * Give/display user cars and information online * Give all the necessary details and terms and condition This all has been done by taking the current data form MR Branson and changing the format (Paper based to Computer), User Feedback I think that he has done very well on fulfilling these objectives, as you can see by making this website it will help MR Branson, by taking all traffic form phone calls to the net, and will make it easier for the costumer and the company. Having a great impact on the company and boasting its sales General Flow chart ...read more.

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