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In Depth Structured Textual Analysis Questions - Tabloid newspapers.

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In Depth Structured Textual Analysis Questions A tabloid is a half sized newspaper, which is particularly suited to a high degree of photographic representation. Characteristics of a tabloid paper such as The Sun would include bold poster style layout and of course cheaper full page advertising and more regular single slots which appeal to advertisers who feel a their product is better promoted in a spot on its own, the tabloid category can also be sub-divided as there is a split between the popular dailies such as The Sun and The Mirror and papers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mail who have both changed from broadsheet to a tabloid in recent years. The particular tabloid I have chosen to is "The Sun" Newspaper dated Wednesday, November 19, 2003. The price of the paper is 30p. The front page of a newspaper is very important, as it is that which initially catches the eye of the reader before they even read the first paragraph of a news story. ...read more.


Typical font size of size 8 is used on the front page, with increased fonts size on sub heading and main headlines. Also capital letters are used to enhance the stories image. Short paragraphs are written about the main headlines with continual reading inside the newspaper, this is done in order to appeal to the audience to buy the paper if they want to continue reading. I would say that the unique selling point of the paper would be the picture shown of Michael Jackson's face, the shot used for the picture is a close up, this is done to attract the reader and to show the emotions and expressions of Michael Jackson's face, which are one of shame and disbelief to relevance of the story. In the Sun the language is very simplistic, the sentences don't exceed 15 words, and the longest word is about seven letters long. This is done because I believe it has a target audience of younger aged people and has to be understood by a lower class person. ...read more.


I believe the way in which an article is presented goes a far way to determine the way in which the reader views the issue. Presentation skills such as language and photo used makes the reader believe more in to what is being said about the article whether it is true or not remains to be answered an example of this is the Michael Jackson case. Overall I believe that in terms of entertainment and gossip value the front cover portrays a good value for money of what maybe inside the paper in relation to the main headlines shown. The Sun's main objective would obviously be to sell as many papers as possible but in doing so they may damage or severely dent a celebrities profile, by deliberately picking on them for a story and not giving both sides of the story, to create a bias opinion on the story against them. This is done, as this is what the awaiting public want to hear of about. ...read more.

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