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Is there really a drug problem today, or is it merely an invention of the media?

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Is there really a drug problem today, or is it merely an invention of the media? Even though there is a lot of drug coverage in today's media I do not think that there is a serious drug problem. Although there is evidence of drug usage in today's society, the media do tend to over-exaggerate these facts. The fact that all young people take drugs is merely an invention of the media. When visiting so-called "high drug abuse" areas, visuals of these statements are not all over. All right, there may be a few scraps of evidence but not enough to suggest a serious drug problem. ...read more.


So why should some people be allowed to take drugs but not others? Some people preach the fact that heroin is a highly addictive drug, but they don't mention the reality that heroin is only addictive when injected into the blood stream, not when snorted or smoked. This has been proved by the fact that the drug has higher purities when snorted and smoked. This suggests that many don't actually realise the realities of today's drug usage and abusage supposed problems. This can be considered when looking at the potentially addictive, yet less harmful drugs such as caffeine and alcohol, which the media doesn't cover or see as a serious drug problem. Therefore, the fact, that people don't know what they are arguing against, is obviously true. ...read more.


But if approached with wariness, problems do not occur. The drug practice in today's society can be seen though a wide range of ages, from the young "ravers" to the old "party animals"! Although this statement suggests that it is only the energetic that take drugs, when in actual fact, anyone can and will take drugs. Finally, if handled and dealt with cautiously drugs can and will be seen, in the future, as part of everyday life, if not already. And why not? The drugs are taken because of their advantages; they lift people's spirits and heal and soothe body and mind. To conclude I think that the fact that drugs will be changed so concoctions of drugs will not carry the high death risk badge when mixed is impending. Argumentative Essay Annabel Borham 10BL Mrs Banks English ...read more.

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