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Media studies coursework; Michael Jackson frontpage.

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Media studies coursework; Michael Jackson front page This is a tabloid newspaper that has been designed for a certain variety of readers. It is a light hearted, easy to read institute that thrives on sex and scandal. Although the paper can be quite serious, for example where there are political issues to be discussed, they are constantly using humour in the paper to get the reader more involved with what they are reading. The chosen institute is the Daily Mirror a rival of many other tabloid papers like the Sun newspaper. The paper is dated Monday March 17 2003 and priced at 25 pence. The main news events are Michael Jackson's interview with Martin Bashir and the fact that there may not only be one Saddam Hussein on this earth. These stories are newsworthy because the war is currently in the public eye; also the public want to know about celebrities as it refers to scandal on the front page. The main focus on this particular front page is the interview that took place between Michael Jackson and Martin Bashir; it draws your attention straight away as there is a very strong coloured image that is bigger than anything else on the page. This story also gets the lead story headline that the reader is drawn to straight away as the font is black on a white background making it stand out. ...read more.


this suggests to the reader that only this institute has the answers you are looking for and it is special because nobody else has it. Coming of the left hand bottom corner is a magnifier with a brief explanation of what the story is about. The main point of the article is that there is more than one Saddam Hussein, and the angle that is being taken is that the truth will be revealed. The small explanation is very short but suggests that lots of research has been done on the matter, making the evidence believable. The language used for the lead story is very informal as this reading material is for a wide variety of people. The headline "Split of truth" is almost a play of words to go with the split image, giving the story a less serious side. In this particular story, it has taken a biased angle of siding with Michael Jackson, you can detect this from the way in which the side headline says "Bashir betrays Jacko" although the paper has taken Jackson's point of view they still don't let the seriousness of the event overcome the story completely so they still refer to Jackson as "Jacko" a name that has been given to him originally from the media. ...read more.


The front page is set out in a very clear way making it easy for the reader to pick up on something if they disagree with it. The use of colour and catchy headline make the paper appear to be very attractive. On this front page Michael Jackson has been represented in a positive way, giving him a chance to tell his story of what happened. The overall view of the front page is that of the good features that are it's focus, which don't just concentrate on one particular story but each one has a good point about it whether it be a catchy headline, attractive colour picture like the one of Michael Jackson and Martin Bashir that gives a strong image to the story or the use of humour, not only used in the main story but used in the second lead to. Excellent use of phases like 'special report' definitely imparts the reader towards the news. The only bad point about this front page was for the secondary lead there could have been some use of quotation for the reader to see, although I think that the image that has been used is enough to make a reader pick up this particular tabloid paper. I believe that this front cover is successful in its target audience because there is something for everyone, it just depends on whether the reader would like to read something light hearted or a bit more serious. ...read more.

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