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Music Video Analysis - I have chosen to analyse the video for Das Racist Michael Jackson.

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I have chosen to analyse the video for Das Racist ? Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is the second single on from Das Racist?s first commercial album Relax which was named by the music reviews site Spin as the fourth best rap album of the year in 2011. The genre of the song is alternative hip hop. The start of the video is mostly narrative based then turns into a full performance with some animation. The video starts with a shot of the clouds with white text stating the band name and song name. The shot then spins into a bird?s eye view of the earth zooming in on the Das Racist trio walking on an urban looking street, the shot then cuts to and from a medium shot ...read more.


The actual song begins as the bags are pulled off Das Racist?s heads to the beat of the song. The camera cuts to a close up of each of the artists faces. The cutting rhythm of the video is very fast at the start as it cuts to a close up of each person in the room lip syncing to the chorus then back to das racist when the rap begins. This draws a lot of the audience?s attention to the front man of the group. During the second chorus the camera cuts to a green screen of Das Racist and an actor dressed as Michael Jackson being thrown into the sky & land in places all over the world and dancing with the natives and they look like they?re mocking Michael Jackson. ...read more.


the shot then cuts to the what looks like a Simpsons version of the trio sat on a couch watching themselves on tv. The end of the video has random people lip syncing to the song as they morphed into many different people a sort of parody of Michael Jackson?s Black or White music video. The video ends with a wide shot of the actual green screen as it zooms out all the artists and directors are celebrating a wrap. The video doesn?t really have a narrative apart form at the start, the video was meant to get people talking and to big up the release of their new album. I think that this video fits their alternative genre and will be what their target audience expects from them. ...read more.

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