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Narratives are constructed in many different ways. What method or media devices do the directors of,

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Narratives are constructed in many different ways. What method or media devices do the directors of, "Bend It like Beckham" & "Billy Elliot" uses to construct their narratives? Narratives are constructed in many different ways; narrative editing, narrative music, cinematography and mis en scene. This assignment will take you through media devises and method used by the directors of "Bend it like Beckham" and "Billy Elliot" use to construct their narratives. The plots of both films are based on stereotypes and how the main characters are challenging them in each film. This leads to many similarities and differences. "Bend it like Beckham" is set in west London areas; Southall, Hounslow, Twickenham and Ealing, also a section is in Germany. This is about A Indian girl that is growing up in a strict Indian family and that is preventing her from following her dreams to be a female footballer. Jess, gets forbidden to play football because her parents believe that it is a "mans" sport and "not Indian like." As Jess has been playing since a child with boys and her best mate Tony she finds this extremely hard! One day when she was playing in the park with the boys, a girl jogging in the park called Jules came over and asked her to come to the teams trials, she accepts without hesitation. ...read more.


Billy is learning how to box, because it is a male thing to do. One boxing lesson the girls have to come in the hall where the boys do boxing and use the opposite as their hall is being re-decorated. Billy gets distracted by the girls and has to stay behind, he is mesmerised by the beautiful dancing and every week he ends up watching them. One day Billy's boxing teacher tells Billy's dad that he isn't attending boxing and Billy's dad stops giving him the 50 pence's, and as Billy can't tell his dad about attending ballet he has to stop going. As his dance teacher thinks he can make it as a dance student in a dance school she tells his dad about Billy. Billy's dad goes mad at him and refuses to let him go dancing as it is a "girls" thing to do. Finally Billy's dad comes around and lets him go to the dancing auditions. Billy impresses the judges with him saying that dancing makes him happy, and he gets into the school. There are many similarities in the two films, both about challenging sexism stereotypes and challenging their parent's beliefs. The differences are that Billy didn't lie to his dad about it, whereas Jess did. ...read more.


In "Bend it like Beckham" they use music as a mise en scene because in many scenes the music starts playing before we see the picture. There are also many signs that show that it is in West London. In "Billy Elliot" there are strike posters all around to show that it is around the time of the strikes. The film has many narrow camera shots, this shows that there's no way out and how small and cramped the place was where Billy lives and how narrow minded the people are that live there are. It is important to vary the way that the narrative is told in a film because it would be very boring to jus watch one person for a good ninety minutes, narratives should have a few things going on at once and told in different ways to keep the viewer interested! The way that editing is used in the 2 films create tension, and it also moves on the narrative. The importance of mise en scene and music in a film is important because it gives an edge to the film, the music makes it livelier and the mise en scene sets the scene. Directors need to think about the camera angle they use so that they show the scene from a particular point of view, to make a person look more confident or intimidated, for a panning shot or a extreme close-up (ECU). By Vicki Abbott, 10 Pole ...read more.

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