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New Band Construction

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New Band Construction Band Audience Genre of audience: * Punk Rock * Teenagers, early 20's. This age range and genre of audience will be targeted because they are already fans of the punk rock music on offer with other current bands at the moment. Also they are the biggest contributors to record sales at the moment. Also the punk rock audience will be a good audience for marketing as they will be interested in the same style of clothes the band wear, which will be skateboard wear etc. Sex of audience: * Male/female Both the male and female audience will be targeted by the band in different ways. The male audience will be targeted through the bands lyrics about girls and how girls have caused them heart ache etc. The male audience will be able to relate to these lyrics as they would have had the same kind of feelings and trouble with girls. The female audience will be targeted by the bands members and their sex appeal, also the bands lyrics will attract a female audience because it all about them. ...read more.


The 'Hit' part of the name is a representation of becoming famous from the phrase 'Hitting the big time.' This anchors the image that the band will become famous and that they also have a strong ambition to be famous. The 'Miss' section of the name is to relate to not always making a success of the aim you were trying to achieve. Band Branding The brand must: * Be easily recognizable * Unique * Reflect the bands image Ideas 1. Code of object: * A star. The star is to signify fame. And the colour red is a good signifier for passion. If the audience link the two together it creates a image that the band are passionate about becoming famous and are determined to work towards that goal. * Album Album Title The album shall be named 'It's all about the girls' as this is an immediate anchor for the audience as they will know what the lyrics are about. Also it is straight to the point and helps the audience gain an impression of what the album will be about. ...read more.


that every boy is all about them These girls are crazy Just listen to what I have to say about it you've gotta watch out for the younger ones they'll tightly wrap you around their fingers and brag to all their friends It's nothing but a game to them They target you with their eyes and move with their lips and it pulls you in She shuts you down with her voice again and now are you listening? This song goes out to girls that we haven't met just yet this song is for stupid girls who think that every boy is all about them You think you're on top of the world when all the eyes are on you Just wait until your heart breaks and you'll know how I felt when I wrote... Track 4 meaning This track is linked to the bands audience as it is targeting the male and female audience. This also is seems to be directly addressing the audience as the chorus is directly addressing the female audience by telling them that every boy isn't all about girls and then addressing the male audience by warning them not to be used by girls. Album Cover Analysis: ...read more.

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