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Produce a magazine aimed at teenagers for the audience of male readers aged 13-19 year old.

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Production Report Original Brief I have been asked to produce a magazine aimed at teenagers for the audience of male readers aged 13-19 year old. As I am working individually I would need to produce the front cover and at least one double page spread article from the magazine. Also I would need to have a minimum of three original images. Research into similar media texts The magazines that I have studies are: * Shoot Magazine * Auto Express Magazine * World Soccer Magazine * Zoo Magazine * Sky Magazine From these magazines I have found out that they share a similar layout and style to their front covers. I have found out that most of the magazines share the same positioning of their heading. It is mainly in the top of the magazines and mostly in the centre. Most magazines tend to have the price of the magazine on the top and others would have it at the bottom. Majority of the women magazine would have pictures of women on the front cover. The layouts of the 'shoot' and 'auto express' magazines were similar, as there was one main picture in the middle of the page, with a few smaller pictures around the front cover. ...read more.


As I didn't get a chance to go to a club I had to find another location to take photos of people playing pool, where I then used my own house. The pool table that I have was perfect as I was able to take photos of different shots and not worrying about the time and cost of the games. The main problem that I had was choosing a good name for my magazine. I had many ideas but could not decide the perfect name for the magazine. I decided to wait until I had finished the construction of the magazine so that it would be easier to thing of a good name suited to the magazine that is created. Construction The decision that I made for my final front cover was to put one of my own images as the background of the page. For my front cover I had used Photoshop Elements to create the final design for my front cover. This program had many features that came in useful for me to make my front cover look professional. On the front cover I had decided to put two smaller images to show the content of the magazine. ...read more.


In general I believe that the magazine will work for teenagers as the articles were based on teenagers and all the images take were of teenagers either playing snooker or badminton. Also the article that was made was aimed at teenagers because it gave tip on how to play both sports well where teenagers find hard. The front cover that was created worked well as the background image was the main image on the page so it would focus the reader into looking at that picture first and reading about them. I used a big font in blue for my title so that the name of the magazine would stand out. The main cover lines were in red font so that they look important and the reader would look at it. For my Badminton and snooker article I used a big font on the title of the page so that the reader would be able to know what each page is about. When ever I used an image I described them so that the reader would know what is going on, on each image. The way I put the name of the magazine and the page number worked really effectively. Overall I was pleased with my final Magazine, and I believe it was successful in meeting the demands that were required. ...read more.

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