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Promotional pop videos

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PROMOTIONAL POP VIDEOS A promotional music video can be of many different genres. Some factors are present in all videos whilst others are specific to the aim of the song. The earliest example of a music video is Queen with their single "Bohemian Rhapsody" which was shot and released in the 1970s. The video is very simple and effective and it helped the single become of the most famous songs in the world. Costumes are a very important part of a music video. The artist/s and director have to decide the outfit/costume that the performer(s) will be wearing in the video. In addition, in many videos the costumes worn will change many times. Whatever the performer wears has to be specific to the target audience of the video. It is also important that the chosen outfits draw the audience's attention to the performer. Finally, it has to be relevant to some of the connotations and denotations that the artists want to emit. ...read more.


An example of this is Misteeq's video "Be with me" which is set in the Caribbean. Another method used to represent the tone of the song is the use of Symbolism and Colour. For example, if a song is to be release in the summer season the main colour seen in the video may be red because red has connotations of signifying heat. Sometimes videos are produced which include a narrative that runs throughout the video. This can add meaning to the video and has been proven to be a successful method in order to sell the single to the audience. An example of hoe this can be used is in Eminem's video for his single "Stan". This video is based on the main character's relationship between his idol and his girlfriend. In addition, personality is added to many modern videos in order to add meaning to them. The video will reflect the performer's personality. ...read more.


Another method which is rarely used to produce a promotional video is a one shot video. This means that there are no cuts made throughout the duration of the video. This is a method rarely used because the audience may find this type of video boring; therefore the video will not be promoted in a good manner. Finally, dance is a method employed by many videos in order to promote novelty songs in particular. One example of many of these types of videos is Jennifer Lopez's video for her single "Love don't cost a thing". In conclusion, there are many different ways that a promotional music video can be produced. However, these methods have to be successful in order to convince the audience to go and buy the single being promoted. I have only mentioned some of the ways a music video can be made, but these are the most commonly used methods. John Benstead Pop Music Coursework ...read more.

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