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Question - Examine the trailor of 'Die Another Day' and comment on its effectiveness in selling the film to an audience

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Media Assignment Trailers- People go to cinema to enjoy themselves and have fun. The easiest way to attract an audience towards a movie is with trailers. We all know that a trailer can make or break a movie, people see the trailer, and that's more or less what makes them want to see the movie or go see something else instead. There are two types of trailers i.e. theatrical (cinema) and teaser (TV). The trailer that I am will be discussing would be theatrical one but first I will like to go in detail with trailers. Trailers are two- three minute's advertisements for movies that play in cinemas. These advertisements are especially valuable as it can be carefully targeted. Movies appealing to one age group or demographic will have trailers for films targeting that same group. The vast majority of trailers are made up of film scenes cut out of context. Trailers of this type are quite less expensive to produce and are usually effective. The most common technique is to show some of the highlights of the film. Thus for an action movie some of the most elaborate special effects shots will be cut into the trailer. For a comedy two or three of the funniest jokes will be put in the trailer. ...read more.


Film trailers are usually shown before film is released at cinema theatres so that audience get an idea what the movie is really about but when we talk about James bond movie, we can see 'Action/Adventure genre' containing guns, girls and a main boss. The James Bond films can also be classed in a sub-genre called "Bond". All containing guns, girls and a main boss but also gadgets, fast cars, gambling and the drink- Vodka Martini. The target audience for the Bond films is 12-30 year olds. The film appeals to this age group because people of this age are more interested in the fast action; the women and James Bond. (Men want to be him and women want him). Also the fast cars and guns appeal to this age group than to someone who is 60 years old but it can be debated that 'film doesn't appeals to the 60 yrs old' because bond movie has a fan base and some would have been this age when they have watched his movie. The plot of a 'James Bond' film is usually founded around the same hugely successful idea; a very stereotypical, megalomaniac villain who is motivated by the extreme desire for even more power, money or possesses a philosophy that is clearly unhealthy. ...read more.


He says, "so you live to die another day", incidentally the title of the movie, in a very relaxed, controlling tone. Here we get a sense of Bond's ability to stay calm in very extreme situations, and it is apparent by the look on his face that he is completely relaxed and in complete control of everything that's happening. This, again, emphasizing he is invincible. Proceeding this to close the trailer, another fast sequence of action and gunfire from the movie ensues, giving the movie a climax before showing the release date and other information to sell the movie to the audience. Again, this sequence gives us as the audience an idea of Bond's presence and his hunger for danger. He is a man who lives on the edge, and every second as if it is his last. Overall I can say that this trailer is effective as it successfully explores the theme and portrayals of the movie that what it is really about but with numerous fast paced, gadgets, pumping action sequences showing bond as immortal, invincible, overindulgent womaniser and ensuring the legend of Bond is destined to continue for years and years to come and that what movie is really about. So we can say that this trailer successfully advertises the film to a great extent. ?? ?? ?? ?? KUNAL RASTOGI 11 BOU 1 ...read more.

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