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Reviewing Magazines - National Geographic - Top Gear.

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Reviewing Magazines National Geographic I am reviewing a monthly magazine called "The National Geographic". This monthly magazine is priced suitably at �3.50 per magazine or �30 for a yearly order. The title of the magazine "Then National Geographic" is likely to appeal to those who are interested in the geographical content and the Natural world and beyond. The price is very favourable as it allows all socio-economic groupings to purchase it. As the magazine doesn't depend on advertising it has become a well established informative magazine in its own right. "The National Geographic" is a well known and well established company. Word of mouth is its advertising recommendation. The magazine is well respected in the academic world and by private individuals. Therefore the Magazine isn't solely designed for income, but as a source of information based upon fact and opinion. The detailed cover of this magazine helps to reveal what will follow on in the magazine as some title headings are listed. It helps to indicate the main articles. The cover informs the reader of the contents before he/she purchases the magazine. This magazine uses many tactics when designing their front cover. Shock tactics are used, to show extreme events which have and are going to take place, and enforcing titles which almost act as imperatives whilst at the same time, trying to inform. ...read more.


However the main body of this magazine is to describe what is vital when considering buying middle value cars. The cover of the book shows an expensive, posh, sporty, high performance car which is desirable to a lot of people. Red is used in an effective way, it helps the car to stand out and most of all is the emblem of the racing team, "Team Red". The title of the magazine is big and in bold print, again adding the features which make this eye catching. The use of this type of title is very frequent in magazines and usually results in more issues being sold. Other articles advertised in this opinionated magazine are on the subject of high performance, expensive cars. This as stated earlier draws the reader in, and is of huge appeal to car firms. We can see this magazine is based on a variety of cars, and some of the articles contain very detailed information and precautions about cars. This is very helpful and influential on choice before purchasing a car. Finally this magazine also has a one to one ratio of pictures to text which balance out the detailed reviews with interesting pictures. The balanced out ratio of pictures to text makes a magazine suitable for competent readers and also allows for in-competent readers to in engage fully into the hard, complex text. ...read more.


Just from first glances though, it looks very lengthy and detailed which would back my original statement that it would be suitable mainly for competent readers. Lack of pictures with such lengthy texts can lead to lack of attention to an article and a reader may just completely ignore this article simply because of lack of pictures. When a reader dismisses an article which seems to be lengthy, normally he/she is missing out on fact packed information which helps the reader to understand Mother Nature. The article leads us straight into the subject as it states "Global warming can seem too remote to worry about, or too uncertain-something projected by the same computer techniques that can't often get next week's weather right". Here we can see the views and opinions expressed by the writer of this article. The article lay-out appears to be aimed at the academics, because there are no eye-catching headings, no variation in print size and no visual content. Perhaps the article is merely a "space-filler"- to pack out the magazine. Then again, because everyone has already heard so much about global warming already the editor doesn't intend this article to be a major element of the magazine. It is my opinion that the editor decided he had to give some space to the environment climate expert from Princeton University, George Philander. Because the subject has already been completely exposed the editor decided not to draw too much attention to it. ...read more.

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