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The impact of ICT In My Local Community

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The impact of ICT In My Local Community In this project I am going to investigate how ICT has affected people in my local community. In my community many things happen in the library so I am going to concentrate my work on the technologies used in libraries. A library is a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (such as books, manuscripts, recordings, films and electronic information) are kept and accessed for use, but not for sale. I am going to write about the technologies that are used in my local community. The library I am going to talk about is Newton library. Newton library has been mentioned as one of the best and biggest libraries in London. Newton library has won many certificates because it is a very good library. Newton library has 8 floors in it. Ever floor has different things. Floor 1 -this is where books for toddlers are kept. Every saturady a club is held where babies/toddlers can come along with their parents to read with other babies/toddlers and meet new friends. Floor 2- is the music section where you can borrow CD's and you can even listen to it before purchasing it. Floo 3- is for dvd`s and video`s. Floor 4- is for people who have work to do and want quietness around them. Floor 5- is for scientific books Floor 6- is for languages, different countries and religions or cultures. ...read more.


This same thing can also help children who are at least in secondary school because if they are looking for a book for an assignment they can just use the same method and life would be much easier. In my local community there always seems to be a conflict between different people because of where they come from, ther religion, the way they dress e.t.c. This is brought about because they don`t know much about each other. For example if a black person wanted to know about a white person they could go to the library and use this method to find books about their culture or religion so they understand them more better and the blacks could do the same thing .If a Christian person wanted to know about a muslim person, they would be able to find out this information. This is very helpful to other people in the community because there are less arguments and people understand each other better. Some elderly people may come to the library if they are still fit enough, but some may not be able to make it and can use the method of entering the title or author of a book on their internet at home. They also have the choice if they want to go and collect the book after ordering or the books can be delivered to their house. ...read more.


The look of the library will make the boys/girls who hang around the library come in. There are many floors in Newton library that contain what young people are looking for. 86% of young people enjoy listening to music and there is a floor for music where they can go to. Every year, leaflets are given out to introduce new things in the library so this makes young people aware of what happens in the library. People in my local community have mentioned that the crime has decreased. It is illegal to use a CCTV camera if people don't know that it is there, so signs are put up outside and inside the library saying that there are CCTV camera's where they are. This makes life much more easier, even for policemen who come to find out who has been stealing what or causing trouble. Scanner/printer A scanner is a device that can read text or illustrations printed on paper and translate the information into a form the computer can use. A scanner works by "digitising" an image and placing it on the computer as a file. A scanner is used by many people. In Newton library the scanner is very straight forward and handy. You can scan a picture or essay and send it to your computer at home and print it out. If the elderly want to get a document they can have it scanned and sent to their computer. This makes life much more easier. Unit 3d Mary Ewumi Centre Number: 10838 Candidate Number: 1043 ...read more.

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