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The Third Rock Holiday Park is a case study involving various legal issues, which vary quite dramatically. This case study enables an in depth study of a wide range of contracts, their relevance and implications.

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Third Rock Holiday Park The Third Rock Holiday Park is a case study involving various legal issues, which vary quite dramatically. This case study enables an in depth study of a wide range of contracts, their relevance and implications. I have structured my analysis by discussing the three fundamental problems highlighted in the article. These include a tender for a proposal to build a nightclub, the sale of a Sarong and Dingy and an accident on the premises, which leads to a question of liability for injury and damages. Within each issue I have discussed the circumstances of the events, with the appropriate legal issues, comparing relevant cases and quoting relevant legislation. Also included, are the implications that this area of law could have for the company or its clients. A conclusion provides future recommendations for the company. Third Rock entertainment hall An invitation to tender from third Rock, asked four firms to put forward a proposal by 12 noon on the 30th of August 1999 and two companies replied within the deadline. The first proposal was from Saturn Ltd and the second was from Venus Ltd, although initially the proposal from Venus Ltd, went unnoticed, it was still delivered before the deadline. ...read more.


Due to this, the sarong would not be considered fit for use of the purpose in which it is commonly supplied Sale and supply of goods act 1994 section 14 (2B). Mary would therefore be liable for compensation as her reasonable expectations of her purchase had not been met Rogers v Parish (Scarborough) Ltd (1997). Although Mary would be able to take action against Third Rock Holiday Park, they in turn would be able to claim from their supplier. The recommended procedure in this case would be to reimburse Mary with the cost of the sarong and the cost of the ruined swimsuit. This would prevent any timely court proceedings and reduce negative media towards Third Rock, who could then claim from their supplier. It would also be advisable to change this supplier and maybe return to the original supplier. If the customer still proves unhappy due to the inconvenience suffered, it may also be a possibility to consider other options such as a night extra at the holiday park for free. This would usually be seen as reasonable compensation. Liability for injury and loss The sign on the premises of the swimming pool was badly corroded and there was a statement on the ticket, which provided access to the lockers. ...read more.


It would be recommended to carry out regular safety checks of all equipment in future and to keep an accurate record and to regularly paint the sign to avoid deterioration through corrosion from the sea air. Improving for the future Although it is no longer possible to amend what has already occurred, it would be advisable to make relevant improvements, to prevent the reoccurrence of such situations in the future, and improve upon the way in which Third Rock functions. Excluding the suggestions previously made in this report a number of additional changes could be made. The most important issue is that of health and safety and it is of great importance that Third Rock performs regular checks of the equipment. An external contractor, who specialises in that field, could do this and by creating a record of checks, it would ensure that the safety of the guests is a priority, prevent further accidents and if an accident should occur in the future, The chain of responsibility would no longer end at the liability of Third Rock, as it would be the responsibility of the sub-contractor. It would also be advisable to use a solicitor as a point of contact, when dealing with contracts, this would avoid the disappointment which has been experienced and ensure that issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively. ...read more.

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