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The topic of this research essay is Music CD piracy. Piracy is generally used to describe the deliberate infringement of copyright

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Table of Contents Page 1.0 Abstract 4 2.0 Introduction 5 3.0 Background 6 - 7 4.0 Counter Arguments 4.1 Pirated CD is cheaper than original CD. 8 4.2 Pirated CD has wide range of availability. 8 5.0 Transition Statement 9 6.0 Arguments . 6.1 Against intellectual property rights. 10 6.2 Decrease the sales of original CD due to the 11 lower price 6.3 Artists may not get maximum rewards although 12 they have contributed creativity. 7.0 Conclusion 13 8.0 Recommendations 14 9.0 Appendices 15 - 34 10.0 References 35 - 36 11.0 Bibliography 37 - 38 1.0 Abstract The topic of this research essay is Music CD piracy. Piracy is generally used to describe the deliberate infringement of copyright on a commercial scale. Music CD piracy is a global problem and not only many record companies found out that piracy is seriously cutting their profit, government is one of the victims of piracy. The main objective of this research essay is to investigate whether the current laws on CD piracy should be reinforced in order to inhibit the overflowing of pirated CD. Should current laws on CD piracy be reinforced? This whole investigation is limited only to adult and youngsters CD buyers. To conduct this essay, a lot of library research is done. The methods applied in this essay were resources and references from the Internet. Moreover, with the help of conferences with the lecturer and discussion with last semester students, a more sufficient research essay is smoothly accomplished. ...read more.


It is all considered about consumer goods. 4.2. Pirated CD has wide range of availability. Pirated CD has wide range of availability so that we can buy pirated CD easily. Nowadays, we can easily to see and buy pirated CD in everywhere. Besides, we do not even need to go to the certain CD shop to buy it as pirated CD is convenient to be purchased. The pirated CD usually being selling at a secret place and the sellers of pirated CD accost you on pedestrian overpasses and on street corners, even in broad daylight. Today, in Beijing, sellers even skulk in respectable restaurants and cafes, trying to tempt customers to buy the pirated CD. It is hard to run away from their solicitations (Kuo, 2006). 5.0 Transition Statement Even though pirated CD is more advantageous for consumer as it is cheaper, disadvantage of pirated CD brings far more negative effects particularly for music industry. Although the advantages of piracy are attractive, the disadvantages are too great to let piracy continue and grow the way it is. Contrary to what many of the uninformed pirates believe as to why these types of piracy are legal, or why it should be, most of their arguments are invalid. Therefore, we should have to envisage this problem deeply because piracy is not only corrupted the people who are currently employed by the music industry such as artist and composers. 6.0 Arguments 6.1 Against intellectual property rights. ...read more.


It also will decrease the sales of original CD seriously, and then make government loses millions in tax revenue yearly. In addition, CD piracy destroys the interest and rights of artists, artists may not get maximum rewards although they have contributed creativity. However, to solve this problem, there are a lot of regulations and laws have been set up to protect the intellectual property rights, such as Copyright act of 1976, Copyright act of 1998, Copyright act 1987 and Optical Disc act 2000. Nevertheless, most of the pirated CDs are being sold openly nowadays but it still complicates action to be taken against the CD piracy culprits. Then, who should responsible to this problem? The answer will be "who is concerned must also be responsible to this problem, including consumer, music industry itself and also government." 8.0 Recommendations It is recommended that government should instill the knowledge on intellectual property right/copyright to public. It is because most of the people do not know the importance of the copyright so they commit CD piracy as well. Lack of knowledge on intellectual property rights is the main cause of the overflowing of pirated CD. Reinforcement of law ought to aim in instilling the knowledge on intellectual property right to public. Additionally, the ideal way of educating people about intellectual property is to start teaching it to students in schools. Apart from that, where there are several different governments departments and agencies involved in the fight against piracy there is often a lack of effective communication. Governments should appoint a strong leading agency to coordinate anti-piracy activities with the political will to drive through successful campaigns. 9.0 Appendices 10. ...read more.

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