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To deal with the following issues : The conventions of a soap, the Genre, the target audiences, sound and editing as well as the camera objectives.

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Brief To deal with the following issues : The conventions of a soap, the Genre, the target audiences, sound and editing as well as the camera objectives. After initial problems in setting up a group, a selection of four students including myself were grouped together. Deadlines were given and this made it even more constraining. The soap is intended to be targeted to a mainly black/white working class audience mainly but also to a middle class, but not equally proportional. Targeting also a 16 -30 age group though preferably to 16-18 as that's the student audience, but is viewable by all other age groups. The time slot chosen is 19:00 so that it doesn't rival with the other television channel's soaps at 19:30, 20:00 and 20:30 respectively. Also at this time most working parents and students would have been back at home whether it be that they perform a 9-5 occupation or unskilled late laborious work. This prequel to the soap is not an easy showing. It has taken a lot of weeks to design the script alone, and to gather characters is still yet an ongoing process. ...read more.


When developing the soap opera a lot of research was conducted by the group where a discussion of the characters and their personality profiles was viewed. Gender and euthanasia research was amongst the top on the list of the discussions within the group. Age and race was important as it had to show the racial and age ration being portrayed in the college and also what would be socially acceptable. We did not want this to be similar in anyway to "grange hill" but a real life soap scene. As it had to define possible events that occur in real life with a thrill to keep its viewers hooked. All the characters will have different traits to their personality, one of which will posses traits similar to that of "dumbo" type person whilst another will be superficially intelligent. The teacher character will play an important role as our research concluded that the teacher would be prejudice to students who are not similar to his norms. The settings and social issues will take place within the Bromley College Facilities and the plot will cover a teacher having taught a class and replacing a previous teacher. ...read more.


Although I did not get to see the footage I had taken, the group members informed me that it was bad. I was however still eager to help the group and although they had a different timetable to mine, I still came through. There were more problems as due to the class times of different lessons, not everyone from the team was available to assist in the filming. However, I made myself available or offered to help in all instances of their filming. On some instances, my help was not required as they had enough people to do it. I centred on my acting instead for the group and my role as the "teacher". These were actually sub-categorised into two main scenes but were divided into at least 5 or more sub scenes. One recollective event is when filming the corridor scene where Evans played the bullied student, the scene was performed after the 4th repeated time of filming. This was because, at one point security within the college thought that an actual pupil was being bullied, and that on another ocassion the class room scene, it needed to be re-recorded again and again as our postures were incorrect. Taio being the director corrected the problems as and when they occurred and ensured that it was completed. ...read more.

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