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Traditional Classes to Online Classes.

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Lauren MacKenzie English 120 October 14, 2002 Essay Two Traditional Classes to Online Classes Within the last decade, the ability of going to college without ever getting out of your pajamas has become a reality. The information technology of today has brought virtual classrooms into any home with an internet connection. But is taking classes out of home, in spare time, giving the digital student a better education, or giving him the ability to slack off in a whole new dimension? Although traditional classes have the benefit of familiarity and create a more motivational learning environment, students should take online courses because they are much more convenient and ultimately give the student instant access to a plethora of information with the click of a button. Traditional classes still make up the majority of college courses offered because they hold the advantage of familiarity and in many aspects they are still beneficial especially for students who need to be motivated to learn. ...read more.


We all lead complicated and busy lives, so getting homework done on time can often be difficult. Online courses offer the possibility of working week by week on activities that can be done at ones own pace, in ones spare time - whenever that may be. Being able to get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit at my computer for a few hours reading over lectures and doing homework in the comfort of my house makes life a little easier. I don't have to worry about leaving my house early to get a parking spot, only to find it may have been faster if I had just walked to school. I don't have to skip out on fun activities with friends because I had to pay for a parking permit. By around noon I have a sense of accomplishment because I have actually done something productive. ...read more.


You think to yourself, there must be an easier way. Online courses not only have the benefit of working out of home, but they are linked to millions of pages of information through the internet. Most professors of online courses have links to relevant sites that can help you find information on the topic. This eliminates the often-frustrating trips to the library. Online, every student in the class can "check out" the same sources at the same time. This makes taking an online class less time consuming and somewhat simpler that a traditional course. Not only are assignments easier to complete, but also sources of information online are ample and always at hand, enabling the student to absorb material more in depth. Online classes are better than traditional classes. They are keeping up with the demands of today's students, because of the hectic lives we lead online classes are inherently superior to traditional classes. While traditional classes are where we began our formal educational experience, in today's society, where we all lead exceedingly busy lives, having the option of learning from home is essential to continuing our education. ...read more.

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