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Viacom Inc. In today's world, our culture is largely reinforced and created by the images we see in the media. Everything that the entertainment

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Gwen MacIver COM 107 Prof. Francis Ward February 19, 2007 Viacom Inc. In today's world, our culture is largely reinforced and created by the images we see in the media. Everything that the entertainment industry shows to the American public is made and produced by large media conglomerate corporations as a result of years of mergers and consolidations of smaller companies. Viacom Inc. is one of the top ten leading corporations in the world. Most of these conglomerates cover multiple media outlets and Viacom is no exception. The own many smaller subsidiary companies in the film, radio, music, video game, and television industries. One of its major holdings is the brand MTV Networks which is made up of hundreds of well-known, worldwide television stations such as MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, CMT (country music television), Spike TV, TV Land, Logo, and more than 130 others. Viacom also controls BET (Black Entertainment Television) Networks which is the leading provider of entertainment made specifically for African-Americans. Famous Music, which is one of the top ten music publishers in the US, is also under control of Viacom. Paramount Pictures is another large entertainment company under the domain of Viacom. ...read more.


A few years later, in 1994, Viacom completed a $9.9 billion merger with Paramount Communications Inc. In 1999 Viacom finally started trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. The very next year they completed a $39.8 billion merger with CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System). Over the next few years, until 2004, Viacom acquired several other interests such as Comedy Central, The College Television Network, BET, and Nickelodeon's Noggin. In 2005, Viacom underwent a major division when it split into two separate companies, Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation. Since then Viacom Inc. has acquired several more acquisitions under Paramount, MTV Networks, and others. However, very recently, Viacom announced its new partnership with the new online television network, Joost, as well as its recent buyout of the popular video site YouTube (Viacom). Joost is a fairly new concept that will allow Viacom to distribute many of its television shows online. This program allows users access to a wide variety of programming and brands and will be available world-wide, as it is an online broadcasting network. Viacom hopes that by being a part of this partnership early on, hopefully they will have a head start to a new online trend. Their acquisition of YouTube had been met with doubt early on, however, even after pulling off hundreds of homemade videos, the site continues to flourish. ...read more.


The widespread reach of these conglomerates means that they are able to reach many different areas. They are also able to promote themselves through the use of their own brands. For example, Viacom will often promote Paramount movies that are coming out on its television stations. Also, it is easy for it to control much of the music industry, as it has control of an influential station, MTV. Using MTV they are easily able to promote artists whose CD's have come out on their label and movies that are recently coming to theaters. "As a brand, MTV has been beyond durable, managing to reinvent itself continuously and in doing so presenting a fast-moving target that left many would-be rivals in its wake." (Carr). It is important to remember that these brands are doing their absolute best to give to the public what they feel the public wants. It is commercialization at its strongest, as media companies use their own brands to promote other brands that they own in order to show us what they think we should be watching. Our world is being driven in a high-functioning complex relationship with the media and society. We listen to what they tell us and they thrive off the fact that we continue to consume the same homogenous material that they give to us. ...read more.

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