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Video shop system - Feasibility Study.

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Priestley College Video shop system Feasibility Study Version Draft 1.0 3rd October 2003 Andrew McMahon DP1 Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Scope of work 3 3. The Current Process 3 3. 1 Membership Details 3 3.2 Supplier Details 4 3.3 Video details 4 3.4 Video Copies 4 3.5 Borrow a video 4 3.6 Return a video 4 4. Potential Improvements 4 4. 1 Membership Details 4 4.2 Supplier Details 5 4.3 Video details 5 4.4 Video Copies 5 4.5 Borrow a video 5 4.6 Return a video 5 4.7 Management Information 5 5. Areas of responsibility 5 6. Risks / constraints 6 7. Cost / Benefit Analysis 6 8. Recommendations 6 1. Introduction One of our students works in a video shop and has noticed that the shop use a manual processes for everything. They have identified several problems with the existing process and wondered if there was any way that this could be improved. Additionally, the video shop is undergoing expansion. There are two points to consider here. Refining their processes of work at this stage could affect the way the expansion is carried out. Any work carried out just now needs to take account of future expansions planned. ...read more.


Check the date it was due back. Calculate any fine owing and charge the customer. 4. Potential Improvements The improvements, which are made by the new system compared to the old system. 4. 1 Membership Details Staff input the customer's data into the database and the customer's details can be inputted into the system much quicker, otherwise you could redesign the membership form so it matches the form on your database, however this process takes longer to do. The membership ID numbers are automatically inputted by an auto number process, which is done by the database, which saves having to look up the last members ID so you know what the new members ID is. And the memberships Id are unique to every member. 4.2 Supplier Details Supplier details can be added, edited, updated or deleted from the database very easily. 4.3 Video details Details on Videos can be changed, added, or deleted depending on whether videos are coming in, going out or being changed. All videos have an ISBN number, which is different for different video titles. Also every video would have a different Video ID number. All this information can be inputted into the system via a simple form. ...read more.


The staff are not trained in the use of computers. The formats of data from the different suppliers may not be the same. It may be that an interface has to be written for each supplier. Also if the suppliers change their output for any reason, the interface will need to be modified. 7. Cost / Benefit Analysis How long would it take to regain the Money that was spent in improving your database, and how long before you are gaining the profit of installing all the new hard ware, software etc. If the Costs take to long then the changes might not happen but if the costs is regained very quickly then it may be the right move. The major cost involved in this project is the acquisition of appropriate hardware and software. The expected pay back period for the investments in equipment is expected to be 2 years. 8. Recommendations What you would need to run the new system such as a Network, Database, Computers and other Hardware, along with Software etc. introduction to the system so the staff Also the staff would need training to able to work in Microsoft programs. And there should be a back up system to protect the work so if something were going to happen that the staffs have a back up copy to use. Feasibility Study Video Shop Page 2 of 6 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

** The basic idea of computerising the video shop systems is obviously a good one. However, this feasibility study lacks detail. The study states HOW the system can be updated but not WHAT BENEFIT this has for the shop. The recommendations lack relevant figures to support them.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 05/09/2013

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