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What are the possibilities of and obstacles to the development of global online communication?

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Global Media, Global Culture What are the possibilities of and obstacles to the development of global online communication? This paper shall analyse the importance of globalisation in this day and age, and the relevance that it has in accordance to the development of global online communication. Anthony Giddens argues that globalisation is, "The intensification of world wide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa" (1990). This quotation highlights the relevance and importance that globalisation has on its society today, and the ever-changing world of technology that is affecting every person in every corner of the globe. In order to understand and discuss the possibilities and obstacles of the development of global online communication, it is firstly imperative to understand what globalisation is, and why it affects the public sphere in the way that it does. This paper shall firstly discuss what globalisation is, and then relate this definition back to global online communication. It shall then go on to examine the possibilities and obstacles that may come about through the development of online communication, discussing issues such as the modernisation of technology, corporate businesses, the issue of online communication in the Third world and the issue of policing the Internet. ...read more.


This quotation sums up the argument very well, in that it is arguing that the these 'new technologies' have such a profound effect on the way that people live, therefore affecting the way that they behave, and the choices that are made socially. In the last decade, not only has the introduction of the World Wide Web had a major impact on the way that people live and communicate, but other limitless ways of communicating have also had a major impact, such as interactive machines. The "capability to use information was influenced by other technologies" according to Curran and Seaton, and the "information was manipulated...for different purposes" (page 241). The growth of the Internet is volatile, and will continue to be so, especially through these developments of new technology. Online communication enables us to access a world of 'virtual reality', through telecommunication, television, and computer. Yet, these developments are still expanding by the spread of computers, into the home, workplace, and even public life. These developments of new technologies according to J.B Thompson include the operation of more extensive cable systems, the increasing use of satellite systems for long distance communication, and most importantly, the digitalisation of information, combined with the development of electronic technologies. It can be argued, that through these expansions of such developing new technologies, it is gradually creating a 'convergence of information', so that ...read more.


As discussed, corporate businesses are using the world of online communication even more as time goes on, and this is expanding quickly and effectively. Though there may be certain obstacles such as harmful material and pornography that affects the way in which people consume the world of mass communication, this may be over-ridden through the introduction of law regulations. As mentioned above, technology may be expensive to regulate what people are constantly doing online, but through introducing some sort of license policy, the policing of the Internet may one day be possible. Gordon Graham states, "With a transforming technology we can do more than previously...and with this increase in power, comes an increase in choice" (page 37, 'The Internet'). This quotation sums up this essay very well. It states that through the introduction of new technologies the public sphere now has an even wider choice of what they control and what they don't. Through 'transforming technology', the public are able to communicate globally, online, no matter where they are in the world. In this world of globalisation and ever-growing technological change, it is clearly evident that the importance of global online communication is more significant as time goes on, therefore through identifying the possibilities and overcoming the obstacles, the concept of developing this world of global online communication is not only fascinating, but a necessity in this day and age. ...read more.

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