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When considering the movie Crash we can clearly see that there is a correlation between the movie and the theory of Marxism. The characters themselves act as the different classes in the society mainly through their action and behaviour

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Film Analysis (CRASH) Karl Marx is a famous theorist; his most famous work is the Communist Manifesto. In the Manifesto he explains his theory of Marxism. The main aim of Marxism is to bring about a classless society based on the common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange. Marxism is a materialist philosophy, it tries to explain things without assuming the existence of a world or of force beyond the natural world around us and the society we live in. Marxism also sees a progress as coming about between the three different social classes. The movie Crash can be analyzed according to this theory. Such as how each character signifies the different classes that are visible in the society. ...read more.


When the guy who repairs door and locks is being honest with him about the door he cannot comprehend an outsider being genuine and honest that he confused him with "cheaters". It takes the blank bullet and the little girl for him to realize and refocus priorities. He recognizes this child as his angel, which is guiding him towards a better path and redemption. A common theme that can be seen throughout the movie is exploitation and alienation. The guy who repairs doors and locks has always been a loyal and hard working person. In the movie the two people who get their locks fixed get him to do the job and after, they find fault with him. First when he fixed the lock at Sandra Bullock's house she starts to shout at the guy saying that he would be the next person to break in to the house. ...read more.


The movie also points out a valuable lesson; that if people start treating each other irrespective of their classes, or how they look like society as a whole would succeed. When the black lady was about to be killed in the car, it was cop who came to save her, by assuring that she would be saved. This shows an unnatural form of unity among classes and races, because in the beginning the cop hated black people and would harass them. In conclusion we could see that nearly all elements in Marxist theory could be seen in the movie, Crash. Such as the portrayal of different classes among the different characters, common elements of exploitations and alienation through out the movie, the views that individuals from a certain class has about the individuals in different classes and finally how if a classless society existed how everybody would succeed. ...read more.

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