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AS and A Level: Miscellaneous

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  1. how children are affected by ill health

    2006. p.355). * Their diet may be affected due to a lack of nutrients while they are ill. One way of minimising this is to offer the child small and frequent snacks to encourage them to eat and to gain some of the nutrients they are missing. * They may suffer hair loss, or other side effects as a result of their treatment. This can be distressing for the child but "wigs or baseball caps can be worn to reduce the embarrassment" and this is a way of minimising this effect of the child's illness. (Tassoni, P. et Al.

    • Word count: 3334
  2. The developement of the Travel & Tourism indutry

    After the end of the Second World War the industry started to kick off again, with seaside resorts being rebuilt and people were back taking holidays, increasing the employment and visitor numbers. In the 1950's the government introduced a new Act which allowed all employees to take two week's holiday each year, and also to the decline of workers in the industrial industry it led to the majority of people working shorter hours which also led to workers taking more holiday.

    • Word count: 3244
  3. Ownership of the T & T industry

    They can arrange the flights & accommodation to the passports and visas. They can also take care of a corporations travel like for example HSBC; a company like American Express could deal and supply them with all their travel needs. There are three categories that travel agencies fall under, they are: 1. Independent - Single owner-managed enterprises, normally only 1 outlet for example Lewes Travel 2. Multiple - Companies that operate a chain of retail outlets under a single brand name e.g. Thomas Cook. 3. Miniple - Companies with a small number of branches in a particular geographical location, normally up to a maximum of 10.

    • Word count: 5415

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