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My Business Studies Coursework is to design my very own chocolate bar. This involves making a wrapper, choosing ingredients, creating a logo, market research, and much more.

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BUSINESS STUDIES - PRODUCING A CHOCOLATE BAR Introduction My Business Studies Coursework is to design my very own chocolate bar. This involves making a wrapper, choosing ingredients, creating a logo, market research, and much more. Selecting the Product Make Sure This Is Suitable I have chosen to make a 'Caramel Turkish Delight'. This is an original product, and is suitable as it is not too outrageous, and I already know there is an existing market out there for Turkish delight confectionary. This product will create more profit than most other bars (Selling 100 Turkish Delight Bars at 40p would create more profit than selling 100 Plain Chocolate Bars at 30p). This is due to the fact that Turkish Delight is viewed as a 'luxury' chocolate bar product, and other bars in the market are priced similarly, e.g. Fry's Turkish Delight. I think my product fills a gap in the market in a way, because there are few quality Turkish delight bars and this is an original 'twist', being Caramel because the general public always want to try new things. Is it of a similar price to chocolate bars already on the market? So, I have decided the price will be 40p, as Fry's Turkish Delight costs 43p, and this bar is the best on the market in taste, design, and value (In my personal opinion - perhaps Market research will help prove this). Fry's Bar is 51g, and mine is 45g, but Fry's is 43p and mine is 40p, so Fry's Turkish delight will be my main competitor. ...read more.


Most logos are Registered Trademarks, so other companies cannot steal them. I have drawn my logo out, after planning several different designs for each word used in it, and choosing the best of each. As my company is just 'starting up', I have also created a company logo and brand name that will be on all ellison's chocolate bars from now on. Logo's, Brand Names, and other product trademarks can be easily changed, for instance, 'Cadbury's' has changed there logo many times, and 'Marathon' changed its name to 'Snickers' in order to give it a new boost of life so it could last longer on the chocolate market. In order to make my logo look professional, I have scanned it into my computer and edited it, adding colour and special effects to make it look like a real chocolate bar wrapper. It is important to have a logo in order to easily identify the product I am selling, so customers recognise the logo, remember the product and want to buy one. A logo will help to advertise my product and make it stand out amongst the other chocolate bars on the shelf. Here is my logo and the front and back of my chocolate wrapper, and the next few pages contain some of the development of my logo. Product Logo Comment on the suitability of both designs and your logo My logo that I have created is suitable because it shows the 'oriental' look, a mixture of purples and 'exotic' text. This is suitable as the Turkish Delight is an 'exotic' sweet, and many other Turkish Delight bars use the purple, oriental theme. ...read more.


Many people dislike Turkish delight (from personal experiences) and many love it and are willing to pay more money for it than they would for a normal chocolate bar. I am selling the bar in the same 'luxury' style section of the market as Fry's Turkish Delight & Peppermint Cream, and the Kinder Bueno etc. If the final marketing process fails to show that the Caramel Turkish Delight won't sell well, I could always release it as a 'Limited Edition' chocolate bar, much like the 'Snowflake' and the 'Wispaccino'. This will help me make enough money to begin to develop new ideas. Comments on my Chocolate Wrapper I am quite proud of the results of my chocolate bar wrapper, as they look semi-professional and with a little work, they could be wrapping up bars that sit on shelves. Obviously, I cannot create a fully professional wrapper, I am not qualified or talented enough to do so, but what I have made clearly shows the general theme, look and ideas that I have towards the image for Caramel Turkish delight. I added the ripple effect to show that it is in fact a bar, and to add a touch of realism. If I could hire a team of professionals to change this, I would certainly change some things, perhaps the font and look of the back of the bar a little, and certainly the main titles would need touching up (the 'Turkish' text should maybe be a different colour or shade of purple to the wrapper), as this text is hand-drawn and perhaps a little rough. Other than that, I feel I have added all that needs to be there, and generally pleased and proud of my work. ...read more.

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