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cadbury market research exercise part 3/4

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Cadbury market research exercise part 3 of 4 Charts made from my results Underneath, are pie charts showing the results of my questionnaire in twenty 14 -16 year olds. Below is a pie chart showing the amount of people who preferred different types of chocolate. Below is another pie chart showing twenty people's two most favourite things which people like to have in their chocolate. Below is a pie chart showing what prices twenty 14 - 16 year olds want for a chocolate. Below is the pie chart showing which types of advertising media which is most likely to inform children aged 14 - 16 about a new chocolate bar, according to themselves. Below is a pie chart which shows what kind of packaging 14 - 16 year olds were attracted to when the entered a shop. Below is a pie chart showing where twenty 14 - 16 year olds usually go to buy a bar of chocolate. ...read more.


I have decided that Cadbury should make a chocolate bar which is made from milk chocolate, priced as close to 45p as they can get. The packaging should be brightly coloured and should be easily available in newsagents. Now I know that the chocolate should be milk chocolate with nothing inside, I will now make a questionnaire about what 14 - 16 year olds like in a plain milk chocolate bar. Questionnaire No. 2 What qualities would you like a plain milk chocolate bar to have? (tick one box only) Light Milky 'Melt in your mouth' Flaky Smooth texture Soft Chunky Crunchy Long aftertaste How often do you access the internet? (tick one box only) 5-7 days a week 3-4 days a week 1-2 days a week Rarely How much are you willing to pay for a plain milk chocolate bar? (tick one box only) 40-44p 44-46p 47-50p I gave this questionnaire to twenty 14 - 16 year old children. The following are my results. ...read more.


This supports my suggestion earlier that Cadbury should try and keep the price of a bar of this chocolate as close to 45p as possible. From this, I have decided that this plain chocolate bar should be soft, flaky and should be able to melt in your mouth. The price should be as close as possible to 45p and the chocolate bar should be advertised on the internet. I think that the name of this product should be Dairy Milk Crumbly. I have called it crumbly as it is both soft and flaky and this word can describe both of these qualities. I have also called it Dairy Milk because after doing some 'desk' research I have found out that Cadbury's Dairy Milk is one of the UK's most favourite chocolates. The benefits of calling this chocolate bar Diary Milk is that it is a well known brand which is trusted and eaten by the general public. This would lead the public to trust this new product and they are therefore more likely to buy it. ...read more.

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