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Describe and offer strategies to enhance performance of information processing both in practice and competition

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Describe and offer strategies to enhance performance of information processing both in practice and competition Information processing is when a performer receives a stimulus and reacts to this based on senses and memory. The DCR system forms the basis of information processing. DCR stands for detect, compare and react. This is where we detect information then we compare it with other similar information we already have and then we react accordingly to it. Before a decision is made, the information is taken through senses, this is known as Sensory Input. The sensory information is taken through 3 senses; these are Vision, Audition and Proprioception. Visual information is taken through the eyes on sight. It is essential in all types of sport (individual, team and racket). We react differently to certain objects, an example is that you react differently to seeing a team mate than you do your opponent. If visual stimuli are bright then the performer reacts quicker. An example of how this is already implemented in a team sport is in cricket, in test matches, a white sight screen is used and a red ball is used. ...read more.


In athletics, specifically sprints, a louder gun at the start would increase the reaction time of the athletes and could lead to overall quicker times. In football, when a player has the ball, a team mate could be calling for it. If this call is loud then the player is more likely to process the information quicker and therefore can make a quicker pass. Although if one there are two players calling for it and one is calling louder than the other then the ball might be passed to a player who isn't in as good as position as the one not calling as loud. Proprioception is information given to the body through the position of muscles and other body parts. These body parts also can carry information and help in the processing of information. This is used to maintain balance (equilibrium), this is the awareness of our balance or body positioning, it is how we can feel when we are about to fall over. Kinaesthetic awareness is the feeling of the movement of the body and its parts, an accomplished performer should be able to ...read more.


Long term memory includes past experiences and if linked back to muscle memory to determined what the decision was, or what the body is as a result to the stimuli. A way this part of information processing could be sped up is if a particular skill, a cover drive in cricket for example is practiced so many times in becomes stored as a main part of the long term memory so the player can play that shot anytime they think they can. Information processing can be altered by using different stimuli. We can speed up the process by getting better at sensing the information, by wearing brighter kits in football or using brighter clay disks in Skeet shooting. We can improve the way we perceive the information by ensuring we have team mates or coaches voices in our long term memory. We can improve the decision as a result of information processing by having the skills already stored in the long term memory. The strategies are mainly beneficial to information processing in competition, like brighter kits in football. Although, the strategies that involve the long term memory, for example the voices of team mates, can be used in practice to benefit the performer in competition. ...read more.

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