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Discuss the social influences that effect participation in sport.

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Induction assignment The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the social influences that effect participation in sport. This includes participating (actually taking part in a sporting activity) or viewing it. Some of these social influences are: * Time * Transport * Physical education * The media * Facilities * Culture * Money Each of these play quite a major role in society in helping people to decide whether or not to participate in sport. They can convey both positive and negative reasons which, in turn, leaves people to weigh up the pro's and con's for themselves and make their own decision about participating. The first thing that will be discussed is time. People today have a lot more leisure time. This is due to several reasons. One major reason is that the hours people work in today's society have steadily decreased in recent years. Working hours have gone down from an average of a 72 hour working week before the industrial revolution, to a typical working week of 40-45 hours by 1965, to finally an estimated 37 hours a week. This gives people in our society a lot more leisure time that is then often used to participate in a sporting activity. ...read more.


which can be very expensive, or their own car which will need petrol for the journey. Both methods of transport involve a payment of some kind which often puts people off participating if they do not have a lot of money. Also, public transport today is not very reliable. Buses rarely arrive at a destination at the time they were scheduled to. This lack of reliability adds to peoples' doubts and negativity when they are making decisions as to whether they should participate in sport or not. Physical education is another one of the social influences that effect participation. There have been several changes in education as a whole over the last ten years, which has had an effect on physical education in schools. Teachers try to involve as many children as possible in P.E lessons in schools and let them explore a wide variety of sports. In some schools, physical education lessons are compulsory as it is seen as an extremely useful and important subject. As Sir Steve Redgrave once said: "If it wasn't for my school coach, I would never have heard of rowing. I'd have been a rugby player" (Beashal, Sibson, Taylor, 2001 p: 225) ...read more.


This might discourage people who participate in sport to progress onto a higher level, as they do not wish to receive this type of coverage. The media frequently follows the relatives of professional sportsmen and women and comments on their actions. The family of the performers should not have their personal life interfered with as they are nothing to do with the sport. This could also have an effect on participants' decisions as to whether they should progress onto a professional level in sport. Also, participating in sport includes viewing it. The media are always publicizing the problems caused by spectators at a sporting venue (especially football) Football spectators for example have been stereotyped as hooligans. This could have an effect on peoples' decision whether to participate in sport or not as they may be worried about going to watch a live football match, or any sporting activity which has got a bad reputation due to the media. On the other hand, there is a positive side to the media in sport. It gives sporting participants the publicity they need to be made famous. They are often depicted as heroes and role models for younger generations. All these factors can have a different effect on individual sports. Some may be more relevant than others, and some may not even apply. However, there are always social influences that effect participation in sport. ...read more.

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