Barriers on sport participation plan

. Disabled people, e.g. wheelchair and access and use of facilities

2. Opportunities e.g. local football clubs for women

3. Health and Physical Education is a lower priority than other subjects therefore less chance of extra circular activities.

4. Facilities are lacking, inaccessible and deteriorating and supply poor equipment

5. There is a shortage of qualified teachers and leaders

6. Programs are too structured, or too competitive

7. Transportation e.g. to local facilities

8. Pier pressure

9. Costs e.g. golf clubs and membership of David Lloyd facilities. Also cost of equipment

0. Injuries (long-term)

Barriers to participation in sport

There are many barriers for people in their participation in sport. A barrier in sport is something that for some reason or another prevents a person from taking part, in this case, in sport. There are many types of barriers in sport, which can under, physical factors, psychological factors, financial factors, environmental factors and local opportunities.

An obvious barrier to sports participation is a physical factor, were disabled and unable to use facilities. For example a person in a wheel chair. The local facilities may not be well equipped to cater for them. An example of this would be having a ramp to enter the building and specially qualified staff if they wanted to swim. In my local leisure centre the gym is situated on the second floor and the only means of access to it is the stairs. Therefore it is hard to access for the disabled and will deter such individuals from using the gym and even other facilities that they could use. Opportunities for disabled may be at a bear minimum and not advertised well if at all. Advertisement for these may only be inside the facilities. Where not many disabled people go meaning that not many see it and therefore a team cannot be formed.
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A lack of opportunities does not appear as a barrier to participation for the disabled but as well for everyone. A main one is for women. Women rarely get the opportunity to play Sunday League football at a grass roots level. There are not as many teams as male teams in many areas. This is also true about rugby and other male dominated sports. Extra circular activities also give a disadvantage to girls as well as boys as there are usually only so many sports and not as many specialised teachers. The Youth Trust Sport aims to train ...

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